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FOR MIMI... A Mandala in Shades of Red....

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74 solves
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Thank you, Whattie... Got your mower tuned up and ready to go... I think maybe spring has sprung.... :) :)


Takk, PJ. For en herlig kommentar... I'm pleased you like the design, the colours and the highlighting... I agree the background does give this one a little mystery.... Good to know you enjoyed it... :) :) :)


It does give you that outer space feeling... Asteroid flowers maybe... Thanks, Snooker... (Enjoying your elephants, except for the ones with poop).... :) :) :)


Not supposed to make you cry, Mimi... Just a big grin and maybe even a giggle... You're a treasure and having you as a friend is the bestest.... Red Violet hugs dear friend.... :) :)


This is lovely, SMor. The twinkles and sparkles are great :)))


Sally - I love it. Fantastic and enitcing - I'm thinking of a mysterious token to bring about important messages ... :-))) The colors and highlighting are wonderful.
Utrolig bra design :-)

Just so lovely. Thought of outer space with all the twinkling stars in the background.


Awwww...............again! Now you've gone and made me cry! You are such a lamb to do 2 for me and in one day. I'm a very lucky Mimi to have such a friend like you, and a very talented, artistic one at that! Thank you dear Rs. I'm grinning big time - again!


Glad you enjoyed it, Edie.... Thanks for letting me know.... :) :)


Since our Mimi is a gem.... Gotta make her puzzles sparkle.... Thanks, mate.... :) :)


All aglow with twinkling lights. Thanks Sally, really fun.


Wow, lots and lots of lovely glitter in this one, and red at that, Mimi will love it I'm sure.