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Dallas Flooding at the Lake

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White Rock Lake rose 12 feet over the last 24 hours! Pretty soon the deficit from the drought will be fixed, we hope!


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Now they're saying on the news that the Trinity River (goes through downtown) rose 18 feet! That's massive in anyone's book! The news said it's supposed to stop raining overnight sometime. We sure did need rain, but you're right, maybe too much of a good thing. Thanks, RR!


That's pretty dramatic tex!! Here's hoping it lets up soon - you can get too much of a good thing!! We did 2 years ago!!


I will! Morris, today I walked over there, and there are no trails or roads, they're all under rushing water. It's just beautiful, and you could see ducks swimming across the highways. Very cool looking.


WOW! You be careful, my friend!


Thanks, Mimi, I will. I know, Celeste, I couldn't believe the water level and that it's still raining hard outside. Good sleeping weather, though.


Wow Great picture just wow with the flooding


Wow, and again I say stay safe!


We go through this every year, but usually not till spring.


Patti, it was really beautiful today, even though it was so flooded. It just looked wild and lovely with all the rushing water. The trails were of course all washed out, so I didn't get very far.


Love the photo. Hope everyone stays safe.


With about 48 hours straight of beating down rain, there is serious flooding. Many people stranded trying to get through washed out roads, but no one has been killed (yet). Some idiots will try to go around the barriers blocking off the roads! Real geniuses.


Nice shot tex, and hope there will be no serious flooding.


I would guess the water went over the road. Hope folks could get home ok. A lot of rain.


Absolutely, Texasstar7. This rain won't help last year's annual crops, but it will help refill the aquifers so there is water available for crops this year, and if the aquifers are fuller then they will be providing water to landscape plants as well. Very necessary to have restorative rains to get the balance back.


Well if it rained enough to fill the lake 12 feet, it would get on the crops and landscaping, you would think!


But, the moisture has to be on the crops and landscaping.