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Noisy Miner trio.

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Taken 1 hour ago on the feeder.


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Hi yellowgal - thanks for your kind words! We have lots of visitors to our feeder & the next-door neighbours - so there are birds around every day! I'm so pleased you like them - thanks:)))

LOL!! You should hear them go off when a stray cat or Scrub Turkey appears Ami - or a Carpet Python:))) It's enough to make me grab the camera and hightail it outside!!! Thanks!!


I wanted to know what they sound like so I found a couple of vids on You Tube to give me an idea of how noisy they are. They're not quite as annoying as the blue jays are here!

Hello robryan! I've just discovered your jigidi site, and it's exciting for me to see all the bird photos, etc. being a bird lover myself. These guys sure can be noisy but so entertaining. Great photo . . . now I've got a lot of bookmarking to do : o )))


Thanks Jim - I'm not really sure about the beaks, but they are nectar and bug eaters - and they like the bread/honey/water mix that I put out, so they get a balanced diet!!


Wonderful shot Rob, they look like they have very strong beaks. Maybe its because of their diet?


Thanks Patti!!




Thanks Floyd - they sure do:))))


Every bird meets at Rob's diner.
Great picture.
Thanks Rob.


Thanks Sally, smllpkg, Ank, Lorna and Gracie - they are really great at alerting us to intruders:)))) I appreciate all of your comments:)))


They like you Rob, look at the way they were looking at you! great picture.


Wonderful photo Rob. I just love their expression, and like that they are your "watch birds" too; handy birds to have around I imagine!


Wow great. Good morning Rob, I like this photo. Have a great day. ♥


Pretty shot!


Wonderful detail, Rob... What a treat... Thanks so much.... 。◕‿◕。 。◕‿◕。


LOL! Thanks Barb - I like a bird with attitude:))))

Thanks Janet - hope you're feeling better soon!! Yes - the feeder is REALLY popular now:))) It was all worth it!! Now Dave wants a photo or the marauding Possums:)))) I'm not sure how that will go - as they are late night raiders:))) We'll have to leave some feed out for them, as the birds have been cleaning up the lot!!!


Fabulous Rob, I like these cheeky birds, (Micky Birds) they are fun in the garden. You are doing well with your feeder. Thanks and hugs, janet


Well, attitude is everything, Rob... After all, since they are little, they have to look after themselves.....LOL


I really like them Nev - even thought they are noisy! Besides - they eat bugs & nectar!!! I call them our 'Watch birds'!! They've let me know when snakes, cats Scrub Turkeys and Hawks are around - and I don't think they fear anything!!! Thanks!!


Yes, Rob, for such small birds, they've certainly got plenty of courage. I saw one the other day take on a crow, which is five times its size. And win!!


I think they were checking out our cat moon:))) She thinks it's a great idea to have a feeder:))) Luckily she hasn't tried to climb it!!!They were eating a mixture of bread, honey & water. Thanks for commenting:))

They always look serious Ginger - I've never seen one smile yet:))))) Thanks!!!

Oh wow!! Hawks now:)))) Actually these are the smallest ones to visit - and I'd say they are slightly longer than a hand-span! The largest is the Currawong or Crow and they are about 12" top to tail! Thanks Beekay!!


And I think they have a hawk like appearance. I think large birds rule in your yard Robyn. Do you get any small ones?


The two lookers remind me of owls and I love owls. Great shot Robryan. Thanks. :O)


I love those two looking at, I guess you, while one is busy drinking. What a shot! great!


Just a bit smaller & noisier Francamia:)))) Thanks!!!


Gorgeous photo Robyn, at first sight I thought they were Owls, thank you............


Thanks Marian - 2 minutes after I filled it - they came:)))

Thanks Dave - the Lorikeets came shortly after & took control - none of them argue with a screeching Lorikeet:))) We've had Currawongs, Crested Pigeons, Crows, Lorikeets and the Miners - so I think the word has got around!!!

LOL!! Thanks TLBH - a freshly-filled feeder does that every time:))))


What a wonderful photo! However did you get them to pose like that :) Thanks, Robyn!


Great photo!! THey look like they could take care of themselves. Before long the birds will have to be waiting their turn to get to Robyns cafe!! :)) Thanks.


Great shot Rob....this feeder is getting very popular...


Partly snooker - they're a pale grey to start with, but the direct sun makes them look shiny & pale!! Thanks!

Thanks els2 - I'm pleased you liked this shot:))


What a clear, sharp, beautifu; shot...thanks!

They look lighter in color than I expected. Was it the sunlight that makes them that way?