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December 26, after the snow.

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Oh wow - just so awesome. What a beautiful place.


It is a 45 minute drive to Carbondale from here mimi. I think they got quite a bit.


Beautiful picture Chickie. How far are you from Carbondale? I'm guessing my daughter's place looks pretty much like this.


Thank you JiggyBelle and bloorox.


So beautiful! I envy you a little :) Thanks for sharing!


It IS lovely. And, you're warm and safe.......with hot chocolate. That's wonderful!
Thanks for sharing your show with us. I really love a distance! :D

(I like Oddio's new look)


It is not a hardship Hanne. I did not have to go anywhere. I also enjoy looking at it. It will warm up in a few days and it will start to melt. Thanks for your comment.


Sorry for you Sandy, but indeed it IS nice to look at!! Sorry for that too!! Thanks so very much!!


Thanks for the info rob. I just looked at a map. For some reason I though that you were further from the equator than you are.


No morris - we are sub-tropical here & the coldest we get is around 4 or 5C - about 40F. I've only seen snow twice in my life when I was a kid & that was down south. Thanks chickie - we have another couple of months of hot weather to go.


LOL robryan. Thank you. Hope you get some relief from the heat soon.


Don't be sorry rob, yu are right all brawn no brain!
Do you get snow during your Winter?


Surely delorris is a BIT cold - no brain, no pain??? ( sorry morris!!)
Thats a lovely photo chickie - I'm like chookie, sitting around under the fan - but we don't have it as hot as she does!!


LOL deelorris. Chooks didn't tell me that.


Good thing I was there tu catch yu falling off that roof, chooks!!!


LOL chookies. You stay off the roof.


Well, I thought you'd start on the roof first, chickie!! I mean what's the point starting down the bottom and just when you think it's all cleared, and you're completely exhaused, oh shute, down it all comes off the roof!!!!! Makes sense to me...


Thank you Robbie. Bring your shovel! LOL
Thank you oddio. You will get your share. We don't normally get snows like this. If we get an inch we are lucky and then it melts in a day.


That is a nice photo, CM. Just pleasing to look at. And that's not because the snow hit your end of the state and not mine! That is just the right amount of the white.


Hi chickie, this is a beautiful picture, I sure wish I could be there. Thanks.


You are a BIG help chooks! We'll have it done in no time! Oh chookies! What were you doing on the roof? I'm glad there was a big snowbank for you to land in.


No footprints, every one stayoing inside.


How'm I goin' chickie - any help to yu?


Hi lyndee. You are all bundled up.
Oh, thanks chookies. I appreciate all the help I can get. You are such good jigidi friends. I will make some warm soup and hot chocolate for us.


I've come to help shovel yu out, chickie!!!


I'm listening to the radio and they've been talking about the snow storm that's hit some parts of America - and I'm looking at this photo at the same time wondering if this is what they're talking about!! Have you an extra couple of shovels because Ank and I are very keen to come and help shovel you out of your house?


No fresh snow for us this time but still have snow on the ground from last week so we did have a white Christmas. Beautiful it is, but glad we missed this one!


Good morning chookies. Wish you could spend a day with Ank and me shoveling. LOL Seriously, I wish I could send some your way for a day of snowball fights and making snow angels.


Good evening/morning chickie! You had a WHITE CHRISTMAS!! Oh, how wonderful does freshly fallen snow look? I just can't imagine all this - like we're in for +100(F) in the next few days and you're all sitting around your fires and heaters trying to keep warm and I'm thinking of all that shovelling ahead of you too!!!! All sounds like hard work to me!!!


All of you stay safe.

Me too .Chickiemama, we had enought with the weather lately, especially with "Sandy"


i'm in ulster cty ny,, no snow yet.


thank you Ank.
Oh, punkie. I hope she does too.
Hope it does not bring any hardships GMAjANET.

What do you mean "after the snow". We here in Ohio are getting it NOW.


Lovely chickster why are you not sitting on the bench and enjoying the sights? I hope Suzy gets home OK because NY is going to get hit hard.


Sandy it is beautiful. And this is a fantastic photo. Thanks


I hope it doesn't cause any serious problems donnalf.

I'm in NJ and we are going to get the snow in a couple of hours.


Thank you donnalf, morenamad, buckeye and Maryrob.
I live in Southern Illinois buckeye.
Hope you get some more Maryrob.


Oh I love it.Thanks for sharing your snow.It has been snowing just a bit here today,but no accumulation


Very pretty! You must be west of me...we're getting snow right now.


Beautiful and peaceful. Snow just calms everything. Thanks!

So pretty