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Frankie had a seizure today

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I don't know what happened. He let out a yowl like I'd never heard before, then started to vomit. Before he could vomit, he keeled over and started thrashing around having a major seizure. I tried to grab hold of him but he tried to go after me because he was terrified of what was happening to him. He ended up running into the bathroom, and I shut the door. I ran to get to my phone to call Andy, opened the door to see how he was, and he ran out and around the house like a banshee, and ended up under the bed, where I couldn't get him. I eventually coaxed him out, and he was very scared, like he didn't know what hit him. Tomorrow, he goes to the vet for some testing. I'm beginning to feel that neither I nor my cats can catch a break. It was so upsetting to see him have a seizure. He's the third cat I've had that have had a seizure, and it's terrifying to watch, knowing you can't do anything for them. Andy is hoping it was a gastrointestinal issue and not a neurological one.


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Thanks, Nicky. So far, so great! At this point, Andy, my vet, is surmising that he might have choked on what he was trying to vomit, causing the seizure. I keep telling him to eat more slowly, but you know kids ... can't teach 'em a thing.


So glad he's doing ok. Fingers and toes crossed it was a one-off episode and won't happen again.


Hi Niccolino, Frankie is doing very well. Fortunately, he hasn't had another one, so my vet is attributing it to a fluke thing that hopefully won't repeat itself. He's the only boy left in my house. But he's such a baby, he acts like a girl!


Oh, goodness. I'm doing cat puzzles tonight so only just got to yours. How is he now? I've never had a cat that had a seizure before but it must be terrifying.


Email coming your way soon.


Here to wishing you that boring week, month and more again :-))))))) !!!!!!!!

Is Frankie doing better today? And from another puzzle I just did of yours, I am hoping that the tire issue is now resolved???????

I didn't know that you were hoping to move to Florida. I missed that along the way.

Off to do a few more of your puzzles and try and catch up on how your doctor's visit went and also see if there is an update on Norton. Kathy


Thanks, Plumpy. Joyce has a neighbor who has a cell phone that costs $10 a year, so she's checking into that for me. I'll look into Trac-Phone. Jitterbug's services start at $15 a month for 50 minutes. With a landline, I don't want to pay that much for two phones, and only for one that I'll only use for emergencies and if I get lost in Florida. Thanks for your good wishes. I want just ONE boring week, where nothing at all happens...


This too shall pass. . . .
Have you considered getting a cheap cell phone to carry in case of emergencies? Trac-Phone service is very cheap (I have T-P, just to carry around if I need it.). Jitterbug offers a very simple device, but I don't know their costs.

I certainly hope your troubles abate, Gail; you've had enough.


It not only pours, there's a thunderstorm parked right in front of my house. I feel like Joe Bftsplk from L'il Abner, always walking under a raincloud.


Ditto, 2/7!


Hi Gail, so glad to hear that Frankie's seizure was likely a one time occurrence. It never rains but pours at your place. My cats are all relatively young and still have issues but yours are older and you expect things to happen occasionally but enough is enough already. Hoping all is well from here on and that your house will sell so you can move to Florida and at least have someone around that will be able to help you out when you need it.


Thanks, Kathy. He seems to be doing all right. He's been bugging me and crying a lot more than even he's capable of, so maybe there's still something wrong with him, but Andy's examination of him yesteday showed things were okay. As I mentioned on my other puzzle, on the way to taking Schnellie to the vet this afternoon, I got a blowout tire. I don't have a cell phone, so it was especially difficult for me, with Schnellie crying in the car. My car had to be towed to the nearest Honda dealer, since Les Schwab and other tire stores near my house were all closed on Sunday. Never a dull moment here. But we're back home safe now, and I'm going to have to reschedule Schnellie and wait to hear back on when my car might be ready for pickup. I don't have any way to get there, so they're going to come get me and bring me back to the dealership. I'm really pissed off at Les Schwab right now. They didn't even have the courtesy to have a recorded message saying they were closed on Sundays. The phone just rang and rang and rang some some. I called three Les Schwab's in my neighborhood. I even went online and found their less-than-user-friendly website. They said they were open today, so I tried once again to call them. In my confusion, I had completely forgotten it was Sunday. I'm ready to go crawl under the covers...


Gail, I am soooooo sorry to hear about your Frankie!!!!!! We all wish you and Frankie the very best. Please keep us updated? Hope he does fine today?


Thanks, Faye. Sooner or later, we'll all be well.


Thanks for letting us know, Gail. Good luck and good health to the whole family.


Thanks, sag1220, lela, Queenbee2b, Impie, Ardy, smllpkg101, Mo and Sherry. I just got back from seeing Andy. She did a full neurological exam and found everything to be working. His eyes are tracking well, he knows where he is (boy, did he know where he was in the car and didn't stop howling from the second I turned on the ignition to the moment I pulled up to the vet 12.5 miles later), temps good, everything seems to be normal. She thinks it was a one-of-a-kind seizure that was induced by an attempted vomiting gone awry. At least, that's what we both hope it was. I have to watch him carefully and see if he shows signs of any changes.

Sherry, I'm so sorry about your friend's pets. Since all three have died in the last few months, your friend should do a thorough search of her home and check for toxins. So many cleaning supplies are toxic to pets, especially to cats, who walk through a just-cleaned floor and then lick their paws. If they go outside, she should check to make sure there's no antifreeze around that the cats could have gotten to. Antifreeze is highly poisonous to animals, yet they love the taste of it.

Meanwhile, Schnellie (Frankie's sister) is going to see Andy tomorrow. Her breathing is quite labored and she snorts a lot when she purrs. They were both found under a wood pile at a drug dealer's home in my neighborhood. Because their first four weeks were so difficult, they have eye issues at times (herpes) and Schnellie has always had a hard time breathing, but it's gotten worse lately. I'm hoping at this point that she doesn't have asthma, like Norton. That would be an ultimate death sentence, as I'm finding out with Nortie. Stay tuned for news tomorrow if you're interested, and thanks to everyone for all of your good wishes.


Gail, my prayers are with you and Frankie, also. I do know how frightening it is to watch your pet have a seizure. My best friend has three of her pets who have had seizures in the last few months--one couldn't come out of the seizure and had to be put down (she was about 15 years old), another had such a hard seizure that the thrashing about tore her heart and she was bleeding inside and she had to be put down, and the third one had about four seizures, was put on medication, and is now doing very well. I pray that your vet can determine what is wrong and get it fixed so you and Frankie can have some peace--I think you deserve it. Praying for you both, Sherry.


Oh Gail, I am so sorry to hear about Frankie's seizure. Sounds like a scary event. Hope it doesn't happen anymore. Things will get better!


What a beautiful boy he is! I've never had a pet with seizures. It sounds horrifying! I'll say a prayer for Frankie and you, octomom.


Gail, I'm so sorry for you and for Frankie. You can't explain or comfort a cat like you can a child. I hope and pray that your vet can find an answer that's treatable. You surely didn't need this when you aren't back to normal yourself. You do remain in my prayers.


Hope Frankie is gonna be allright. All the best!


Best wishes for good news tomorrow! :)


Well, it does seem to be one thing after another.........hope all turns out well tomorrow.....


Hope he will be ok.


Thanks, Treker.
Magda, he didn't. They're on the same diet as always. I don't know why he had a seizure, but he's going to the vet in the afternoon. Maybe I'll get some answers then. He's acting fine now, so it's a mystery. I hope he's all right. He's a very sweet cat.


Dear Gail,I wish you and your cat all the best. Did she maybe eat something unusual?


Hope everything turns out OK withFrankie.


Thanks, Faye, for your prayer. It's lovely.

Petsmom, thanks also. I had a diabetic cat who, ten years ago, also developed heart disease. My vet said he wasn't going to last the night, so I started to take him home, with a friend driving and Aaron on my lap. On the way home, he went into a full-blown seizure, clamped on my left hand (my dominant hand), and died still clamped onto my hand. We raced him into the garage, but it was too late, and then my friend raced me to the ER. Then, a few years ago, one of my favorite cats of all time and Norton's best friend at the time, Sneaker, had a seizure. After much testing and much money, it turned out that she had a tumor in her sinus cavity going all the way up to her brain. The ER vet said it was kinder not to wake her up since there was no hope. It was the first and only time I was not there to say goodbye to a pet, since I had gone home for a while. In spite of having three cats have seizures, you never get used to it.

Thanks, PamCal. I appreciate your good wishes.

Kirsten, they say bad news comes in threes. Let's hope this is my third.

Thanks, Jill. I hope so too. I'll let everyone know what happens tomorrow. I'm not counting on Andy finding much, since he seems to be behaving fine at the moment. I'm really hoping it was a one-of-a-kind thing. He's such a sweet boy, it'd be a shame to have something happen to him. He and Schnellie (his sister) are only around ten years old.


Gail, I am so sorry that Frankie, and you, had such a horrible experience. I'm praying that the vet will find the problem and it can be easily corrected. (( Hugs))


Goodness Gail. I'm so sorry to hear this news about Frankie. I hope that Andy finds that IS something gastrointestinal too. You and your babies are having a very bad trot at the moment. If there is anything I can do (from the other side of the world), just say. I'm thinking of you. :)))

Thank you for the beautiful photo. You and Frankie both are in are prayers. I've had this happen with cats too. It's very scary. I'm sorry you (both) had to experience this. I hope things go well tomorrow.

Sorry to hear about Frankie. Seizures are so awful. We have had dogs with seizures. I don't know how people who have children with seizures handle it. It's upsetting enough with our pets. I know how terrified you must have been. Hope the vet is able to help. Please let us know how Frankie is doing. This is a beautiful pic of Frankie. Thanks, octomom. Praying for you and Frankie.


Oh, Gail, I know how you feel. That happened to our little black shih tzu one night outside and she ran off down the road after jerking away from husband. He landed on the sidewalk and I didn't know if he had hit his head. I didn't know what to do first. He told me to run after the dog who was half a block away on a street where drivers speed by. Fortunately, she doubled back and I managed to corner her as her vision was poor. But you are in such a helpless panic...and no help available. I wish we could be there with you. Please know that you are in my prayers and someone far more powerful is holding you close.

You are precious in my eyes.
You are honoured and I love you.
Do not be afraid for I am with you.
I have called you by your name. You are mine.

Isaiah 43