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Dots in a Reasonable Size

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Grace- I copied what I said to you on one of your puzzles, and am posting it here...just because.

It was fun, Grace! I just went through all your puzzles without looking at the titles....until after I picked the ones I thought were yours.
I missed two- A digital collage I made in 2001, and Blue Bowl
And I thought one was one that you created but it's not on your list- Color Patches with Circles

My favorite is Red Bell Pepper: collage by Grace
And then others I loved are Fiesta, Kinda Sorta, and ZigZag with Dots

Ohhhh, you should create more of your own along with the ones you create now. ;-)

And it's my pleasure being one of your fans now. :-)


graciepie, thank you so much for letting me know. I'm definitely going to check them out when I get a chance...which should be within the next day or two.
I'm going to make this a kind of game/puzzle for myself. What I'm going to do is to run through your puzzles carefully and guess which ones you created from scratch, and then see if I'm correct by checking your lists here. I'll let you know how I do. :-)


Wendy, shucks {blushing}, thanks very much :-)) Here's a list of the puzzles that are my art. I had more but they have disappearred, as some puzzles do sometimes.

In and Out, Up From the Depths, Triangle Field, Blending In, Love of Color, Grace's Doodle Alphabet, Fiesta, Circle Square Triangle, Flower Like Mandala by Grace, A digital collage I made in 2001, Quilted Diamond (reverse) by Grace, Grid Design 1 small, Blue Bowl, MagicMarkerApp2, My first quilling piece, 2nd Quilling Project, Puzzle One, Kinda Sorta, ZigZag with Dots, Paintbrush Doodles

Alpha ATC Cards, Color Pyramids, Flower Like Mandala by Grace, Red Bell Pepper: collage by Grace, Focus


Holy Mackerel, graciepie, I just started from the back end of your puzzles and worked forward...also skimming through though, and WOW. You are incredibly talented.


Graciepie, I can tell that you love creating what you do, and I know that you spend a lot of time putting one of your mosaics together. They really are works of art. When I get the time...but it won't be today, I'm going to go through all your puzzles and find the ones you've actually started from scratch (with your own artwork). I skimmed through a lot of your pages trying to find one like that, because I wanted to include you with the others who start from scratch. That's how good an artist I think you are. :-)


Oh Thank You so much Wendy :D !! I truly love to go through images and make collages/mosaics from them. I never get tired of the process, and the number of images available on the internet is stupendous! So to have all you puzzlers enjoying the collections I create is icing on the cake. Each of the 100 images has to be selected, cropped, edited for color and contrast, resized, etc., but it is really a lot of fun for me. I also post some puzzles created from my art too.
I'm so sad to know your hand(s) are in pain. I hope you are able to have peaceful moments of rest. May the Blessings Be!


graciepie, you are not going to believe this but it's true! I may not be able to create puzzles anymore because my hand is in too much pain, so today I decided to make up a database of all the people who post puzzles in the mosaic category, and note when they first began creating their own puzzles. I wasn't especially interested at first, with listing people who didn't do their own drawings...or whatever. But when I came to yours, I had to include you because you do such a beautiful job of gathering up images to make your mosaics. Your puzzles really are works of art. I just went back and opened up that database to see exactly what I noted in my comment column, and this is what is there:
"creates great mosaics from other artwork and images"
I only had that to say about two other person who do the kind of thing you do.

Sue, YIKES! You are a brave soul. Years ago I volunteered once a week to help out a first grade teacher in the local elementary school for a few hours.
It didn't take me long to realize that teachers are way underpaid. First graders need constant attention. I calculated that if the teacher was a babysitter and was getting $4/hr per kid, she'd be making $120 an hour with the 30 kids she had, and that's with no teaching (just babysitting).


I enjoyed this, now off to bed as I have 1st grade all this week. 10:40


Simple and satisfting! Good puzzle. My favorite elements are geometric and color, so this was FUN!


I'm so glad you like the colors, RebaBe. If I remember correctly, you really enjoy color. :-)


Nice colors ;-} (13:48)