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Overflowing Borders (Smaller)

48 pieces
115 solves
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Oh, please don't call it the beginning of the end--that sounds so ominous! But I know what you mean, and I'm glad you look forward to including my puzzles in that time! Thanks, Rosie! :-)))

And it was Edie, not Aishah. It would have been out of character for Aishah..... -)))


This is the beginning of my end the night solving and I always save the best for last and you are it. So, seeing as I'm always very late to the puzzle solving and am not sitting here twiddling my thumbs like poor Aisha please take your time and enjoy your Sunday breakfast. I really like this puzzle and all of the overflowing the borders are doing and your choice of colors is magnificent. Thanks for a wonderful beginning of the end for me. Rosie


Thanks, Wendy and Katie! Actually, I bribed Stefan and Magnus just this once, and they agreed to work some magic! LOL! Oh, damn, that reminds me--I just set up all the puzzles for tomorrow, and none are for Stefan's birthday...... Hmmm...... I could just add his name to a title, but then we're supposed to post them under "themes", and I just know those get way fewer solves.... Do I bite the bullet? Stay tuned! LOL!!!


I think the colored outlines are SO worth your extra effort Pat - I just love that extra detail! But don't worry about the parts where several overlap - they're really not quite as noticable in those cases. But really, do what YOU feel like when you're creating. I'll enjoy the results!


WOW! This is one of the best looking puzzles I've ever seen in the preview pane. I don't know what the heck you did, but even the colors are smooth as silk and I LOVE your color choices.


I've been doing my best to encourage Mother Nature, but she isn't paying any attention to me. Maybe Aishah has her ear, begging for snow instead...! Thanks, Ardy, Aishah, and Katie--and thanks for noticing the colored outlines! I never know if they're worth the effort (not that it's so hard to change the color with each rectangle I draw, but when I then fill in the colors, I have to make sure I don't use the same color as the outline, or, of course, I lose the outline--it just blends in. And when there are inner rectangles where 4-5 different colored lines all overlap at some point, that can be a pain! LOL!).


Terrific colorful borders! I love that they have colored outlines too. Thanks Pat!


Pat, that never happens to me. I beat you by one second. Hmmmm, I will have to treasure this moment. LOL!


Oh no, we love the snow here. At least I do. I love my snow days. We are calling for for about 8 inches here starting sometime today. I certainly hope so. Spring break starts Thursday. So a few snows days would really make my week!


Pat, you're putting the spring colors out there. Now if Mother Nature would just get the hint and turn off the snow. Thanks for the lovely borders. It's good to know what our limits are. Borders define our limits. Therefore, borders are good.


Thank you for the explanation. I will note it on my calendar so that I will know for the future. It must be hard being so popular. LOL


On Sunday we get our breakfast from the bakery sometimes, so we eat a bit later, and I therefore post a bit later--I'm glad it was worth the wait, Edie! :-)))


This was a good 'start your engines' puzzles Pat. Right now I feel like I took a sleeping pill last night and I need something to ease me into solving while the cobwebs clear. This was just the ticket. Thanks so much


It's about time. LOL, been sitting here twiddling my thumbs.