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Vintage Japanese Print.......note of Kari inside

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So how did you get on with Sandy? It must have been quite scary for so many people. My sister lives in Chicago apparently the waves on Lake Michigan were bad enough, but nothing like what hit your East Coast.


Thank you so much for caring schutkleur. :)))


Indeed, Cakes, let us hope that Sandy stays well south of Boston!!!!
I really hope you will be okay!!


Hi schutkleur ~ I am close to Boston, maybe a half hour drive north of it is all. I do worry about 2 huge pine trees across the road at a neighbors that if they came down my way could do big damage to either my house or my car & garage. I also have one huge pine in the back that could damage the back of the house if it fell. Hopefully none will come down.


Nice one Cakes! Thank you!
By the way : I read about hurrican Sandy and its path toward Boston. Are you safe where you are? You live enough to the north??


Hi Lela!! Glad I saw this as we were very curious what that little treasure was she was holding. :))))))


Ah yes!........Good one cakes!....


Hi Kari ~ Notice what she has in her hand.......that same object that is in the print for a couple or days ago!!! Now we know what it was!!! :))))))))))))