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For tex, roseheather, Ank and other snowlovers!

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A beauty for those who can't help liking it! This is the place for fairies with rubberboots!!


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Gorgeous! That pond looks thick with ice - perhaps the fairies need skates instead of rubber boots?!


I suppose I may count myself among the snowlovers and I don't think that fairies need rubberboots Hanne, they just decide not to get wet. LOL
Thanks for an enchanted winter scene. :))


Ank! What should I do without you?? Thanks so very, very much for finding this puzzle!! Again I'm ashamed that I didn't find it myself - but thanks for being that wonderful friend!!

It sounds so awfully good to me, Ank!! I really hope that you ENJOYED it so very much!! I don't know why I didn't get that idea!! Must remember!! Thanks so very much!!

Would so much like to send it to you, tex!! It's so formidable to show snow pictures to you!! I do like your new avatar, especially when I know that you live in Dallas!! Thanks so very much!!


Oh, I love it! Such a beautiful, cold, calm, wonderful scene. I wish I had this in my back yard. Thanks so much, Hanne!!!


Yes Hanne we have to dress very well, but then ... wow, it's great. I'm glad to read you had sun today, we had too. I even took a chair for ten minutes outside in the sun, out of the cold wind.


Hanne I just found this:


So you have got your share too, 2dogs7cats, do hope you aren't too tired of it!! Thanks so very much!!

So you were lucky, Sandy - or would you have liked some more??

It sounds awfully beautiful to me, I'll look at your profile and see when they show up!! Thanks so very much roseheather!!


Oh, Elfie, thank you! It is beautiful.

We are in a winter wonderland of our own this morning. It began yesterday with some freezing rain, which made branches and twigs larger so they have retained more snow. It looks like frosting on all the limbs and branches here. I will post some pictures of my area soon.


Hi Hanne. No snow here in southern Illinois. People 300 miles north of me, like morris and lyndee just got a bunch yesterday.


Great picture. Pretty much how it looks around here this morning. thanks


Wet suits would be great too!! Thanks so very much Ardy, here we just melt in SUN - and blue skies!! It's SO lovely!!


It really is beautiful, Hanne. I think your fairies could use wet suits as well as tall rubber boots!! Thanks for sharing. We had rain last night.


Sandy, have YOU got any of the snow in the Midwest?? It sounds horrible!! Thanks so very much!!


Yes it is a beauty! Thanks Hanne.