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For a sneak preview of the celebratory day for Feb 28 visit:

Celebrate one of nature's most impressive hunters, and the world's largest carnivore. When fully grown, polar bears can span an enormous 9 feet (2.7m) in height.

Polar bear numbers are decreasing because it is becoming harder for them to survive in a world where the temperatures are increasing.

Polar Bears International invites you to join in celebrating a day of action to reduce your carbon footprint! How? Adjust your thermostats a few degrees either up or down* (depending on where you live) to help off-set the effects of carbon emissions, which affect climate change.

Another thing you might do is to visit a zoo near you to learn more about polar bears and give you and your children/grandchildren an opportunity to see these awesome creatures live.

The PBI website is here:

* I do not recommend turning down your heating if you are elderly, frail or unwell!


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Thanks for the info whatnauts, its so interesting to hear about such things in other areas of the world.


Our zoo was the proud 'owner' of the world's oldest polar bear, Debby, who died in 2008. For those familiar with Saturday Night Live, this little tidbit was mentioned on the Weekend Update segment. We have been without a polar bear since that time, until the last few weeks, when the zoo acquired Hudson from the Toronto Zoo. Hudson is sixteen months old and cute as a button. The Winnipeg Zoo is in the process of building a huge new exhibit which will encompass research, conservancy and education.

Northern Manitoba is home to many polar bears. Some of the problems with polar bears encroaching on residential areas is because we are taking away their native lands with new construction.


Thanks Elfie, I agree :~)


One of the precious animals of the world!! Thanks so very much for celebrating it!! It simply must survive!! Thanks again Mandy!!


Thanks PJ, it sounds as though you live somewhere near polar bears... so will have a more realistic idea of the danger... and we don't want them tempted to wander nearer to inhabited areas.


Thanks Wendy - that zoo sounds like fun!! I do think animals are way more intelligent that we give the credit for. I've seen some super videos, and we watched a documentary on polar bears quite recently too, which was fabulous.


Mandy - wonderful. And the images are soooooo lovely . There are polar bears on / around the island of Svalbard - so I know about the uglier sides.
Thank your for your PBI link, and Katie - thank you for your link too.
Concern for our environment is important.


Mandy, by far, polar bears are my favorite animal in the wild. When I was a kid, I went to the Bronx Zoo which at that time had about 6 polar bears. There was a huge man-made 'pool' for them and they were playing in it....pushing each other off the sides, and I could swear that they were laughing out loud as they did it. There are tons of wonderful videos of them on youtube for anyone interested. This is one of my favorite "Who Knew???" puzzles so far. :-)


Thanks Katie, that's an excellent suggestion, and one that is not advertised enough - it's great you've included the weblink.


Thanks Michelle - they are gorgeous aren't they?


Hi Mandy, a very important day. One thing we can do to help the world environments is plant trees. They can provide windbreaks or give you shade in the summer so you use less energy to keep your home comfortable. They also absorb carbon dioxide and will help you become more carbon neutral. Even city apartment dwellers might band together to purchase and plant a tree in a neighborhood park. Here's a link for more info about this way we can help:


Ditto Barb's comment below. Such lovely images, Mandy, and thank you for showcasing these endangered bears.


Morning Barb, my sister-in-law lived in Canada, and sent a polar bear cuddly toy to my first daughter when she was born... she loved that bear, and still has it even though she's now in her mid 20s!! They always look so cute and playful. It's good to hear you enjoyed the images I selected!! Thanks :~)


Thanks Ardy, I am so pleased to hear you took note of my addendum - and that you are taking good care of yourself :~) I suspect the PBI challenge is aimed at children... who don't seem to feel the cold!!


Good Morning Edie... your early morning walk to the back of beyond didn't slow you down!! :~)


LOL - Magda... that makes 2 of us!!


We hear a lot of the plight of the polar bears here in Canada. A magnificent animal and we can only hope their numbers don't decrease further. Thanks for alerting everyone to the problem, Mandy. A wonderful puzzle and adorable images. Love the mama and baby bears at the top and bottom, plus those 2 little cuties lower right. :-)


Love your choice of pictures, Mandy. The cubs are so precious. Your final statement is a good warning. I have felt the cold more this winter and have had to set the thermostat a little higher than I used to. Thanks for a fun puzzle and for our daily lesson on what to celebrate today. You are doing a fantastic job.


Woohoo, first puzzle of the day. I've been up for two hours without internet and finally decided to brave the elements and make my way to the back of my garage where I found my satellite dish barely visible under a layer of snow. I cleaned as much as I could with a broom and came in to see that it worked.
So thank you Mandy for this lovely first puzzle of the day. I love polar bears my kids had a Gund collection in all sizes when they were small.


Oh, I was not all that serious. But you are right, it happens that I am still in Pijama, when I start on jigidi. Puzzle junky, as I mentioned before.


I'll add the link at the end of my day... when I normally upload my puzzles onto Jigidi in preparation for the morning when I can "publish" them. You will be able to wake up and find the link on the previous day's puzzle and then see what the new day will be... I hope that makes sense!!


Now Magda, you have hit my sticky problem full on.... I knew I should be posting these puzzles earlier, and for a while I did post them earlier... but they were not been solved because apparently I was posting them too early!
I'll put a link to the next day's puzzle in the previous puzzle... that could work... I'll try it for a few days and see if it helps!! I can't bear to think about you standing in your nightwear waiting to see what sort of day it is. Thank you for the kind offer of an early morning wake up call - LOL!!


Good one Mandy. Thank you


Thanks Pat - I'm pleased you like this one :~)


Dear Mandy. I think you should go to bed earlier, so to be able to get up early. You have to post these puzzles earlier. We are waiting. How do you expect us to get going, if we don't know what day it is?
If I had your telephone number, I would be glad to wake you in the mornings. That is especially, as you are one hour behind us.( I am wickedly happy to know, in time at least, you are behind, you who always tops in puzzle solving time).Hehe! So, please do take your duty as informer more seriously.
PS. This is a very cute andtouching puzzle!


Love this one .. thanks Mandy .. Hugs