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My new Gypsy Vanner filly... Whimsey.

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What a terrific answer. I feel the same way about my gang of seven. Whether it's watching a movie surrounded by them, or sleeping, with two under the covers, two on each side of my pillow and three scattered about on the queen-size bed, I'm in good company.

I think the last fall I knew about (and the one I was asking about) was when I believe you hurt your back in a fall.


The time with the critters IS my time to myself!
Which fall? I have so many accidents that I lose track. I think my last one was a broken finger a couple of months ago.


Between the horses, the collies, the birds and what-nots, you probably have no time to yourself. How are you doing since you fell?


Whimsey is my second Gypsy Vanner. I also have a gelding that I drive around the neighborhood.


That's great, Heidi. I'm pleased for you. Watch out, GypsyElite -- you have competition now.

Oh you lucky girl!! I want one so bad. She is very beautiful, have fun with her.


Congratulations! She struttering her stuff!