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Dockyard yesterday with Anthem of the Seas in front and Norwegian Gem on the right. Lovely day for the tourists.
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Thanks PLG!


Love this!


Hi Suzy, only two at a time up here. Smaller ones can moor in Hamilton and St. George's. During America's cup race one day there were 6 cruise ships. Two here, two anchored in the harbour and two at the other ports. Roughly 18 to 20,000 people and all the others on huge private yachts and hotels were full.


Those are CITIES on the water!!! Oh my! Is there a limit to how many cruise cities can be in port at one time?


I'm at the other end of the island db.
Very interesting experience Kirsten!
Hi vickide, I hope they enjoyed themselves. Too bad we didn't connect, I enjoy showing visitors our island. We had some rain and gales last week.

My friend and her family were on the Anthem of the Seas when it docked in Bermuda last week!


Wowsers! They are BIG ships! I've only been on a cruise once - but on a much smaller ship around the Black Sea. It was in the late '80's, and I was visiting relatives in what was the Soviet Union. In hindsight, it was an experience. But at the time, for a naive young woman who had never travelled overseas before, and came from a free, democratic country - it was mostly terrifying! (❛ᴗ❛)


What a busy port - something you'll be seeing for the next few weeks I guess! Do you live close by, porgy?


Hi foxy, sounds right to me!


Certainly is a good day for tourists, Robbie. Cruise ships are fine - when they're in port and not rolling around at sea :-)


Hi Ardy, no I haven't. Wouldn't mind going through the Norwegian fjords on a small ship but never in one of these monsters! However, for families with limited budgets it is an inexpensive way to get away and enjoy some sunshine, beaches and warm water. Bermuda is very expensive as you know.


Floating hotels. I've never been on a cruise. Have you, Robbie? A beautiful day for tourists. Thanks.

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