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Lighthouse stairs I

40 pieces
54 solves
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... for MisterDon


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You are welcome :o)))


Another interesting one. Thank you!


Oh hey, Lady Charnley. :) I did see your "DYR" puzzles... but didn't realize you also have some under the name of "Lady_C". I'll have to check them out. Unfortunately my lunch hour is nearly over [I'm at work, of course] and I've just posted 4 new puzzles... so I'll have to check it all out later/this evening, when I'm home. Yeah, I post larger photos/puzzles. I prefer to do puzzles between 100-200 pieces, so I tend to post them around that size. I find some like to do puzzles a little smaller, and many like them even larger, so I aimed for a middle-ground. :P I've seen puzzles on here well over 300 pieces... even up to 500 or so! I don't do them if they're over 200 pieces myself, because it's too much of a mess to contend with on my screen! Haha. :P I saw you did one of mine... I've replied to the comment you left me there. ;) Take care and TTYL.


I have only just scraped onto the leaderboard in 10th place. I shall have to have a couple more goes to move up a bit :o)


NN I'm so sorry, I did miss your other comment, I have been in a challenge which is now beginning to prove relentless. I post the "Do you remember puzzles" (DYR) each morning so I'm fairly maxed out at the moment, but that is no excuse for not replying to your comment. Again I apologise. Thank you for your compliments, very kind of you to say m'dear, do you include my puzzles under "Lady_C" as well ? I shall have a look through your puzzles NN, I notice they are large !!!!


They sure do, Lady Charnley. :) I left you a reply on that other one... have you seen it yet? I'd love to stop and do another one of yours, but unfortunately I have to leave for work now, so that will have to wait 'til later... maybe on my lunch break. Looking forward to it... you post great puzzles!


I shall have to re-do this one NN I have fallen off the leaderboard. They make great puzzles don't they ?


Yes, niccolino59. That's what I thought at first glance too. :)


Yes they do don't they, looks like I'm about to fall off the board on this one. !!


Reminds me of a snail's shell!