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Tuesday's Flowers

63 pieces
221 solves
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Katie, I have to do the same! I love looking at the new avatars. I'll have to create something that's appropriate for the holiday season. :-)


An awful lot of us have decorated ourselves for the Christmas season! Glad you LOVE them!


HOLY COW! Everyone has a new avatar that you've gotten within the last week! Well, this is a treat for me. I'm so glad you all (Katie, Mandy, Mary, mariasha, Ardy, and last, but certainly not least, Ms. whatnauts all liked this puzzle. I can tell you that I LOVE all your avatars just as much. :-)


Wendy, this puzzle is absolutely fabulous. One of your best.


Love it, Wendy. It is so beautiful. Reminds me of things I used to get to play with and take for walks etc. Thank you, My dear. Hugs.

I liked it a lot...thanks Wendy!


I see what Katie means about the similarity! AND this was way above my size limit but I couldn't resist. If they're today's flowers, I gotta do 'em! 7:55 Now I get to do the Really Big Puzzle Flower Dance! Wheeeee! Thanks, Wendy!


Wendy, if you hadn't said no-one would be any the wiser about this not being the puzzle you planned to post originally!!! It's lovely!!! Thanks :~))


Katie, I realize that I posted the WRONG one. This was my 'starter' puzzle....and probably the worst one of the bunch. LOL I made improvements as I went along...but somehow grabbed this one by mistake. I'm glad you think it's excellent anyway....and besides that, you had fun. :-)


Hi Wendy, excellent puzzle! Challenging to sort out because of the similarity in design and colors used. But so much fun!