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Who Knew???

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It's Pierre-Auguste Renoir's Birthday. Renoir is one of the most famous painters of all time. He helped to establish the movement known as Impressionism—a movement in which painters didn't use their careful and precise brush strokes to exactly copy reality, but instead used looser, more visible brush strokes to convey movement and emotion. Artists began to show their own personal impressions of reality.

Renoir's paintings include many happy scenes such as people dancing or rowing on a lake or dining and laughing together.

Mandy pig strolled into one of the images... she feels that she enhances the previously empty space!!

Thanks to for sharing the information.

I didn't manage to make any more of these puzzles prior to going on holiday... so that's your lot until I return!!!

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Thanks Pat :~)


Welcome back!!!


So sorry everyone - I really didn't mean to stay away for so long, it's been one thing after another!! I just logged in for the first time today and found that someone has complained about one of my Who Knew puzzles, I'm not sure which one, but Stefan left me a message to say it has been removed, I would like to find out why - apparently there was a complaint about the text!! I'm going to see if I can find out more from Stefan, and in the meantime I may just visit some of you before I start posting puzzles again.


I miss you and your "Who Knew" puzzles! I hope everything is OK on your end!


Looks like something real terrible has happened to you. I really hope I am wrong. Please come back, we all love you, and maybe jigidi can help you overcome your problem. wis you all the best.


Miss you, Mandy--hope all is going better......


It is time to come back, quit hiding. Maybe just some different puzzles, not so much work. Miss you and understand better then most as you already know. Hugs.


Mandy, Happy Easter.


Thank you Ardy for the info. I as so worried. Glad to hear from Mandy. And all the Best to you.


Ardy, thanks for the information. I too have been checking daily.

~ Mandy, hope your holiday was great. Anon. :-))


Thanks for the message. I have been concerned. I'll send thoughts for a positive resolution.
We do miss you, Mandy.


Sunday, April 6. I just had a contact with Mandy. Here is what she asked me to put up for her.
I want to let people know that I am still alive, but having to take some time out to concentrate on my family commitments. I do hope to return eventually


I unfortunately have lost track of your who know-puzzles, being away so often. But I did notice, that there were none for a few days. This worried me a bit...what relieve to find out, that you had a well deserved holiday. I hope you are having fun and nice weather.


His paintings are SO lovely!! Thanks so very much Mandy!


Thank you ever so much Mandy, have a great holiday!!!


Have a super time! :-)))


Thanks for an artistic day Mandy! You just have fun and relaxation on your holiday now! We'll be here when you get back all rejuvenated. Thanks for putting in the daily links for us to enjoy some reruns! :>)


Have a great holiday. You have more than earned it.


Thanks everyone, I'm glad you enjoyed it today. Sorry to confuse you Arleen!! I'm off to enjoy the rest of my holiday and will leave you all playing here. See you when I get back ;~)

Initially, all I read was that it is Renoir's birthday. Then I solved the puzzle and noticed something in the picture of A Girl With A Watering Can. Completely confused, I got up and went into the dining room to look at our family's copy of the oil painting--one of my favorites of all time. Had I read your comments first there would have been no confusion. Well played. Stay safe on holiday. Arleen


Great puzzle Mandy and thanks for the links and have a good holiday :~))


How very thoughtful of you to include links to last year's WK puzzles, Mandy. Thanks for this lovely one, and now, please enjoy the rest of your holidays! You deserve it. :-)


A wonderful collection of his paintings!! Thank you!!
Have a wonderful time off!! :)


He made beautiful paintings. If he was still here, I would make him a b/day card.....alas.
Enjoy your holiday, wherever you are. Hope it is nice and warm.


You are precious my dear, let me echo Ardy's thoughts, hugs, prayers and by all means relax.


Your placement of Mandy pig is so cute. Lovely puzzle illustrations and great information. Thank you. Hope you are having a very enjoyable and restful time. Thanks for all the links. That was so thoughtful of you.