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Layered Figures

460 pieces
406 solves
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This one was a particular pain to sort, I remember! I usually try to sort the colors around the outside of the rectangle where I sort the edges, and place the colors relative to where they go in the puzzle itself. But all the colors here are both top and bottom or both left and right, so that didn't work at all...... Thanks, roseheather! :-)))


Great blocks of color!! ; )

When I started to type that, above, the line from centuries ago: "Great balls of fire" went through my mind. I enjoyed doing this one and did a pretty good job placing pieces on the sides where they would fit. I really like this pattern. Thank you, PD. My time: 1:58:05


Thanks so much, gnees, and happy one month plus 3 days of being on Jigidi! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this, and I hope that you find many more puzzles, by me and by others, that you enjoy! :-)))

This is a beautiful puzzle and a lot of fun to put together. Thank you very much.


Thanks so much, Lee--I'm glad you had fun with it! :-)))

Really enjoyed doing your puzzle! Loved the colors and the shapes. Thank you.