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HDR of a door knocker, Kings Lynn - 7th Aug 2012

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Click-on any thumbnail image you come across and type the name of the place you wish to look at in the Search box (top right) and it will give you a list of place names to chose from (there can be more than one place with a particular name, but usually in different counties). If you click-on the grid reference at the side of the chosen name you will be presented with a page of options, two of which are worth a look, namely Sample Images and Breakdown List. If you open Sample Images at the bottom of the column you may see the option of, Find all images taken from this square. Breakdown list gives more options.

If instead of clicking-on the grid reference you choose to click-on the place name you will be presented with up to 20 pages of images for that place. Clicking on a thumbnail will show the image at its maximum resolution, a small map and there may be a description of that place. Top right of the page is a grey box with NE N NE E SE S SW and W Click-on any and you will move on by 1kilometre square at a time.


Thank you. I just tried a quick check and realized that I had looked through that site a few months back. I will visit another day when I have a few hours...more like all day as you tend to lose yourself in it...LOL.
I haven't checked thoroughly enough but the first time I visited, I was wishing that they allowed you to type in a specific city/town name and the photos would pop a cross reference of all the photographers' pictures for that town. Thank you for your e-mail address...I just might be in touch.

P.S. We live in Vancouver, Canada so it's nice to see/jig your HD shots of Kings Lynn. If I remember correctly, Captain Vancouver's "local" is still operating. Plus my girlfriend's maternal grandparents came from there...quite well off I think. Faye


Ah, then the HDR process explains why the brass is too golden! Definitely makes it a more dramatic, higher-contrast picture, though.


gemstone - I've had a further thought about the "must see" villages. You could 'drive' around in streetview, or you could register in the website and look around Norfolk photographically. If you get lost on the site then please contact me via my email address on my Profile Page, which is shown on this jigsaw -


...and thank you.

The bronze is an effect of putting the photo through HDR. This is a low res version of the original -


Beautiful bronze casting, excellent photo, and an interesting puzzle. Thanks!


I'm not knowledgeable about any villages in East Anglia, but I can definitely recommend the town of Kings Lynn.


We're heading to East Anglia in the summer...any "must see" villages or attractions? We're using Lavenham and Norwich as bases.