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Theme: Cats - Sherlock, Then and Now

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Last but not least.... Sherlock, who is one of Abby's kittens. He was given his name because of his great curiosity and "firsts" ... 1st to,wiggle away from Mama, 1st to get out of the cat bed and 1st to begin exploring. He still has to check out everything.....our "little" Sherlock Holmes.


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He's adorable. Thanks for posting.


With such wide open eyes I just bet he doesn't miss much! He's gorgeous, Jill..............


How precious to think of it as his heart spot. He is a sweetheart, so it fits! It is a pleasure to show him, dear Jo!


What a sweet face, then and now!! I love the little Heart spot, or spot on his heart!! Thanks for showing him too!! :)