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Thank you Jiggy . . . I know exactly what you mean . . . where do you think I get my inspiration from . . . lol


P.S. - I love these!! Even if they are getting a bit "close to home" if you know what I mean!! LOL


Sorry Jiggy . . . I hope you still use it. It just goes to prove what they say about great minds . . . lol

lol . . . thanks June . . . funnily enough a couple of those are already in the pipe-line. I have made a note of the others and you may just see them pop up from time to time . . . :D)


Great ones, June! LOL!!!


Trouble. This is the photo I was going to use tomorrow. It is a great one, isn't it! I think your caption is PERFECT on this!!!
Now THAT"S old!!! LOL


when you see your Grandma in the bathroom mirror. When people ask your children what you would like to eat in a cafe. When couriers say they will sign for you (they all do that for me but then I am 76) When you decide not to send christmas cards so everybody assumes you're dead and next year they don't send you one. When people are a bit hesitant when asking your family how you are just in case you fell off your twig.. When you can't remember if you are half way upstairs or halfway downstairs etc etc


LOL Pat . . . thanks so much there are some good ones there and I will do my damnedest to incorporate into this series.


Oh, my!!!


OMG, PD made me almost choke! Each and every one she named was a hoot! Thanks for the jig, T & F!


...when pregnant women offer you their seat on the bus....when checkout clerks offer to carry your groceries to your car, and all you bought is a box of cereal and some prune juice....when you always do buy prune juice....when someone says "It depends", and the first thing you think of is adult diapers....when you know the location of every restroom in every business in your village as clearly as you used to know the location of every bar/pub....when you see your teeth smiling back at you from a glass on your night-table as you go to sleep....when you pull the drapes on your window at bedtime, not for privacy, but to prevent the sunset light from keeping you awake... I just thought of these--they aren't very good, but you did ask for ideas, and as they say, be careful what you wish for...! LOL!