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Southfork Will Never be the Same~RIP J.R.

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Nice photo, thanks.


Thanks, Shirley, I know he'll be missed. They're having two memorials for him here in town, one is at Southfork.


We watched Dallas here in Australia, just had to love J R, he will be missed.


That's right, PD, I had forgotten. Thanks.
Ank, that was my all time favorite tv show.


Hi Tex, I never looked at Dallas, just because I never look TV (just don't like it). But I'm sure he will be missed by many people. And I'm sorry for you and all that people he is not there anymore.


Actually, she played Peter Pan! I still have the record! She was the first, I believe, in a long line of women who took on that role, like Cathy Rigby...


PLG, here in this town all the years Dallas was on, it was more intense than football if you can believe that. When 8 PM on Friday night came, you stopped whatever you were doing and went home and watched Dallas. They filmed several episodes in the place where I worked, and I have some of the furniture from that apartment now. I loved that show. PD, I saw her on Broadway, too, I think in South Pacific, and I can't believe it either. Didn't she play Wendy in Peter Pan? Very talented family. Thanks, PLG, Pkin & PD for stopping by.


I think it's really time-warping to realize that I saw Mary Martin on Broadway in The Sound Of Music, where she played (well, to be honest, a slightly older-than-normal novice nun--she must have been in her early 50's) Maria, and now her SON has died at 81........ What a talented family......


Only watched Dallas a couple of times.


I didn't watch "Dallas," but I remember him from "I Dream of Jeannie" when I was a kid. Enjoyed that one many, many moons ago!


I know, and we loved him and his evil hijinks.

So sorry to lose JR! He was the epitome of an evil oil baron.


Well you're right, JC! I'm just tooooo pitiful. Thanks! Morris, he will be missed. He was so great in that and in Dallas. I just saw on the news that the lines around Southfork are miles long.


Poor Tex! First news about Twinkies and now J R. It's been a rough week!


Yes he was. NASA will never be the same either, tex!


Larry Hagman, 1931~2012. What a talent!