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Painted Turtle - Everglades National Park

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Sue, you hit it right on the head! THIS is my kind of Winter weather, too. We are having high 70s up here & I suspect some 80s in some areas around Jax. I am well-known by quite a few people for hating COLD. I actually hurt, inside & out, when the weather turns cold. I don't even keep ice cubes~~I don't use them. Guests know to bring their own, (hawhaw!), or let me know well enough ahead to make some.
Personally, I wish it would stay like this year-round. Those that declare how much they miss 'the changing seasons' & 'Autumn color' I just tell to go on back up North, then! LOL.................


Hi Ann. Hope you are doing fine...of course, 80 in January is fine by me.


Thanks Sue. Great photo.................