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My Azaleas are a riot of color today.

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Oh, pilley. I didn't know where you were. Hi Jo and Hanne. Lounge chairs are out by the pool, but it's still far too cold for swimming, though as a kid nothing stopped me from swimming in springs where the water temp was 72*F all year. Will turn on the solar heater in a week or so. Have to have a small hole repaired in one of them first. Hopefully will be able to afford it this week coming.


They are incredibly beautiful, Sue!! Enjoy them for me too, please!! Thanks so very much!!


A lounge chair, a glass of iced tea, and a good book,... aaah paradise in winter!!
Thanks for the thought!! :)


Sue, when I said mine were all white, I ment that we had 9" of new snow covering the plants and it is 20*F now. SE Idaho and azaleas do not grow here, when we lived in South Carolina we had a ton of azaleas and roses in the yard.


You are most welcome. It's so nice here.


Thank you for your picture from the warm climate. We are waiting for spring in about 5-6 weeks.


I have a white one in there somewhere and a pink and white striped one called candy cane, but it's never grown very large. It was about 70 here today in Central Florida and very bright and sunny.


Lovely photo, Sue. Thanks for sharing on this cold winter day.


Very pretty. Enjoy.


Also love the Spanish moss, thanks for the photo, mine are all white today.


They are beautiful!