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I'm Jumpin' With Joy!!

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Ann, no frozen butts! We are comfy in our portable, weatherproof and heated shelter. Very comfy once we're set up. Takes about 15 minutes total. It's the gettin' to and returnin' from that's the challenge! lol


Elfie, you know how much you upheld me. I can only say here :Thank you, Dear Friend............
Thanks, treker. I intend to obey your 'GO GIRL' directive to the best of my ability! :-)
Your new project sounds fantastic! I assume Wifey will help. The birds will be a type of mosaic--is that correct? Individually set & randomly applied to the trunk, or as one large single piece? Sounds like a lot of artistic tile cutting that will be beautiful when completed. Do us a favor : keep us informed of your progress but DON'T show us any photos until it is completed and then show us with several photos at once. To show us parts of it ahead of time would spoil the effect. Sort of like how the best part of Christmas is not Christmas day itself, but the days of anticipation beforehand. Good luck. And enjoy having frozen butts ice fishing! Hawhawhaw.............


I was clueless that you had been ill! I'm happy to read you're on the mend. You GO GIRL!
This winter will be spent designing/welding an 8 foot metal tree trunk with images of native birds created with colored tile pieces set in dyed cement encircling the trunk. I estimate the "project" will take 5 months to complete. This piece will occupy a space in the garden when completed.
And YES,... we are looking forward to some great ice fishing. Take care...


Ann, it HAS been a horrible time for you and I'm SO glad that you have survived all of it!! You have been SO brave dear!! - and am I glad that you are where you are now!! Please go on being that stubborn and hold on to your right to LIVE!!


Thanks treker. So good to see your name again. Haven't heard from you in awhile & I missed you. Hope things are going well for you & your family. I know Winter is just about upon you so you can't do much in the garden, but whatcha got planned for Spring? And are you going ice fishing this Winter?....................


Woohoo,...Great to hear you are on your game again Ann! Keep on, keepin' on. All the best to you!


Thanks to all of you, my Special Friends. I know that in the Grand Scheme of things my ordeals, which started in August, have not been Earth shattering but to this Old Gal they were pretty big. They all seemrd to pile up one after the other---my big illness that put me in hosp. & then live-in rehab, followed by my problems with identity theft (which will be ongoing forever & always waiting in the background) , then the month & a half long business about my driver license, and then finally (I HOPE!!) the two surgeries on my eyes. All since August. I know many of you had trials & tribulations more serious than mine, but despite them you took the time to wish ME well. I will never forget, will always be grateful, and acknowledge that you folks helped me get through it. Thanks to each of you from the bottom, middle, & top of my heart................


Congratulations AJ, glad your ordeal is over with and you can jump around the neighbourhood! Maybe even put some springs on your car and go jumping and posing all around town!! WHOOOEEEEE!!!!!!!


Yay! Now I know why you're jumping with joy! Yay, yay, yay!


This was a delight, Ann, and such a fun solve! Thanks!


Yippie, hoera, wow. Ann I'm so glad for you, congratulations. I love it. Well let's jump, spring is in the air. wow wow wow.


Awesome ....!!!!! So glad to hear this.... I knew you could do it.. Happy for you.


Oh dearest Ann!! CONGRATULATIONS!! YEEPEEEEEE!! HOOORAY!! Your worries are over and done - at least concerning this!! He DID a good job, didn't he?!! I hope you give him a biiiig hug next time you see him!! You bet I'll jump with you!! - have an idea it will keep the balance of the globe!! Thanks so very, very much!!


Thank you, Patti, for all your encouragement. It has been so very much appreciated. Now let's both jump up with joy for... whatever!....................


Hooray!! My driver license ordeal is over!! My ophthalmologist cleared me for going back to my normal life!! My vision in the left eye is 20/30 without glasses and in the right eye is 20/40 without glasses!! With best correction lenses in 3 weeks both eyes will be 20/20!! Driver license lady didn't even make me look into her accursed vision mo-chine---she accepted the doctor's statement with no question!! My Jigidi Friends thank you SO MUCH for your support & well-wishes. You kept my hopes up when I was down & so unsure. And now you can see why I'm Jumpin' With Joy!!!.................


That's a great thing to do! Think I'll join you! Thanks, Ann!