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Orbs on the Rocks

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What a great description! I'm glad you liked it, Jo!... :-)


Nice contrast of objects!! Nice and airy, and solid as a rock!! Beautiful. thanks!! :)


Oooh, thanks Chrissie. That's very nice of you. Shall add to my folder and watch video.
(Sadly, I'm showing my ignorance. Do have Windows7 and hubby confirms it's 64 bit. Oh well. Shall Google to read up about 32/64 bits.)
...and thanks for your offer....:)


On the rocks and shaken, not stirred :-) What an orbilicious drink! As brilliant as ever, Your Royal Highness of Orbs! Thank you.

Francine, you may like to check out this tutorial for making orbs in Elements

There is also a free sphere generator from Richard Rosenman - only works if you use 32 bit Elements. It won't work with 64 bit Windows7 :-(
If you need help with anything, call me :-)


I sure wish Jill could go to Jekyll, Shirley! We will be going down for a few days on Dec. 6. So glad you enjoy them so, dear friend!


Thank you, dearest L! One can't beat getting compliments on something that is such fun to make! I'm so very glad you like them so much, dear one!


Aaah Jill's beautiful Orbs have been to Jekyll! so delightful to see them on the rocks, Thanks Jill, they are beautiful.


Thank you, thank you good buddy.... You're the coolest and the bestest.... The smooth rocks make a great background for these obiliciously lovely orbs.... :) :)


Francine, I have several free down loads , but, unfortunately, this is not one of them. The Orbs are created using Photopaint of Corel Draw Suite x6. ( If I run across one, I'll let you know! .... :-))


Jill, thanks...:)
Your tip is being Copied+Pasted to a special folder for future reference. My Photoshop Elements doesn't offer Orbs. Would this be one of those free on-line programs by any chance?


Francine, you are absolutely right! Combine that light area with the darkness around the circle, a darkness that continually becomes a lighter shade of the color as you approach the center.... and you have a sphere! Lol, the art teacher is coming out of me again! I've always enjoyed shading my drawn images, but, I must admit, a program creates these Orbs for me!


Jill, they'll look great on your tree. The colours are so vibrant with lovely satiny finish. [I've done a Christmas tree one - my circles are bevelled but still look flat, unlike your orbs.] Ah! No pun intended - the light just went on!! Just noticed the centered lighting in your orbs. You, along with many other talented people, are constantly teaching me. Thanks..:)


Ahhh, Kirsten, that is so nice of you! I'm so glad you like them, my friend!... :-))


Your orbs are soooo beautiful, Jill. The colours and textures are truly divine. Thanks so much. :)))


You are so welcome. Francine. They do look like Christmas ornaments. SHHH, don't tell anyone but I'm going to "hang" some of these on a fir tree for a Christmas puzzle. .... :-))


Thanks, Barb. I'm so glad you enjoy them! Nope, no snow, just rocks! Oh, my, snow already? I think our high today is 62F.


Thanks Jill. Reminded me of Christmas ornaments - that season coming up pretty soon. (2:50)


Love your colourful orbs, Jill. But what do I see ..... white rocks or could that be a hint of snow? Actually had some flurries here this morning but fortunately they didn't amount to anything. :-)