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Glimpses :)) I

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The flowers are all, except for the thistles, from my patio in the mountaints. I hope that you are having an agreeable stroll through my puzzles. LOL
Thanks for coming round and your lovely comments.


Wow! I just love this! Thank you! :)))


You really were busy, I'm following you around on all the puzzles. :)) I know all about hectic weeks and hectic weekends. Thanks for finding the time to come round for a while, but never feel obliged to do so, I seldom have the time to visit you and I always feel a bit bad about people coming round here I never having the time to correspond. :)) Have a wonderful week.


Oh Dagmar, how neat, wonderul and completely enjoyable. Delightful flowers.
(It's been a hectic week - so glad I found your puzzle)


Thanks for your lovely comment Budgy, I'm very glad that some photos of my garden might have helped you find a wonderful rest during your tonight, here it was in the middles of the morning.

From the time and the name I might guess that you are from Down Under and that when you read this it will be already your Saturday but still my Friday.

Sorry to ramble on, but I love this time difference business, it is really fun to be able to talk to people from all over the world here in Jigidi. As I'm writing this it is midafternoon in Madrid, Spain. :))


Good morning Ardy, I think it still is morning at your place, as I have shared your last roses of the year now you are sharing some glimpses into my last summer and I'm very happy that you enjoyed your walk through my garden. :))
Have a wonderful Friday.


Hello Barbara (I think that is the name I have read at Kirsten's place - my name is Dagmar and it seems a bit strange calling you Tigress when I know your name. I hope you don't mind :)) )
I'm very happy that you liked my flowers, as I'm very fond of them, they all, except for the thistle, grew in my garden last summer.
Thanks for dropping by and your lovely comment, you are always welcome. :))


Such vibrant colours, nice images to take to bed, goodnight, god bless.


Your flowers are beautiful and your presentation is so perfect for them. My eyes keep going back to the upper left. I couldn't rush through this one. I wanted to savor the time amidst all this beauty. Thanks, Dagmar. Have a good day and weekend. Off to the mountains?


Gorgeous flowers, and I really like the middle yellow lily ... a little like the lilies I posted today. :-))
Thanks for such a bright, and lovely puzzle! :-)


I love flowers and I adore taking pictures of them, so now you have had five glimpes into my garden except for the thistle that grew on a lovely meadow near the little San Juan river in the mountains. :))
Thanks for your visit in my morning your evening and now I must rush to get something done. :))) Have a good night's rest. :))


Beautiful flowers Dagmar!! 'Specially the bottom middle one. Thanks so much for some "glimpses" of them. :))))