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My power is back on, yeah!!!!

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This may be a temporary situation since last night the hydro website was updated to say reconnection would be Dec. 27th at 10 pm. I really need to fill up some jusgs of water while I have power but hopefully I'll be back on later today.


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No, don't tell me Gail. Right now it's -12C going down to -20C overnight but at least this time I have heat and hydro. Just want to wish you a very Happy New Year and all the best in 2014. See you next year :-))))


Glad to hear it, Edie. I see that it's 14 degrees right now where you are. I won't tell you what it is here...


Chickens' heat lamps are staying on during the cold snap and I'm toast inside Gail. Thanks


I'll be thinking about you and hoping you and the chicks and chicklets are warm and toasty.


Thanks Gail. There are people who I would have like to have here during the crisis it just didn't happen to be the two that lived here so I figured that I was better off alone. Frigid temperatures return tomorrow but only normal amounts of snow so I'm sure we'll be fine.


Hi Edie, I haven't been on much in the last few days, so I just found this. I'm so glad you got your power back and that the menagerie is safe and well. You are incredible to have done this by yourself. Instead of sending everyone away, I would have been calling the cavalry. I heard there's another arctic storm coming through in the next couple of days on top of this one. I hope it doesn't come to pass, or at least that you're not affected. I'm glad you're back.


Thanks Mimi. I admit that it wasn't an easy five days for sure and the added stress of having to keep all the critters supplied with water in the freezing cold didn't help. I sent everyone else away and felt I could cope more easily on my own. I always had my cell phone and used my laptop to charge it so was always able to be in touch. My son and family are coming for the day tomorrow since I didn't see any of them at Christmas. They're bringing lunch and my son will start cutting up some of the bigger limbs and we'll have a big bonfire and burn the small stuff. Should be a fun day. I have 4 elderly (late 70's -mid 80's) aunts living 2 hours north of me and luckily none of them lost power. Spoken with them all and said it was better me than them and I meant it. I wouldn't want to do it again anytime soon but a lot of people were worse of than me I'm sure. Thanks for thinking about me and hope you'll be back up and solving soon. Hugs back at you :-)))


Wow Edie, I honestly cannot imagine what you've been through. I thank God you are OK. We think we have it hard when we lose power during hurricanes in the summer. It was pretty awful after Katrina. But your woes far surpass ours. I stand in awe at your competence. I've had computer problems lately - I could put stuff on Jigidi, but could not solve anything. Hopefully that is corrected now! It's a busy time but I'll check in soon again! Hugs!


Thanks whatnauts, we all survived but it will be a Christmas to talk about for some time to come.


2dogs, I am so happy to hear your power has been returned and you and all your critters are okay.


Thanks Sally, I did all the things you mentioned. Chickens were first to make sure that their heat lamps were on and their heated water dishes were filled. Bucket and jugs were replenished just in case and after a few hours I figured there was enough water for a nice hot shower. Been washing like a cat these last 5 days. Other than being so tired from lack of a good nights sleep, it's already starting to fade into a memory :-)))))


I'm so glad that you are okay and that everyone survived but sure were worried about you. Sorry that your Christmas was spent in such difficult circumstances and that you are going to be spending lots of time trying to pick up the pieces. After this you do need to get that generator that plugs into your circuit panel and kicks in when the power goes out. I spent five days without power when I lived in Maryland after one of the many hurricanes went up the coast and we lost power.( But then Pepco is the worst power company in the world---all it had to do was rain and we lost power. ) I didn't have to go through what you did because I didn't have to take care of anyone but me but I did have to go to work and getting showers, and sleeping and making sure you got up on time so you could get to work and shower there, I lost everything in my fridge and freezer because it was during the summer, it was awful. You are amazing for being able to not only survive but care for all of your menagerie and keep all of you healthy and well. I admire you so much for your strength and ingenuity. Take care of you and come back when you can. Take care of you first!!!


You survived the ice storm.... I knew you would, great North Woods Woman that you are... Relieved to know you're OK and have your power back... Stay in survivor mode, girl.... Just in case... Get water, long hot shower and check the chicks... Take care and Happy New Year... By May this will only be a bad memory... 'Remember the ice storm of 2013?' ♥♥♥


Thanks Barb. Getting power back was a big surprise. The website had postponed several times and they were saying 10:00 pm tonight and then last night they changed that to 10:00 pm tomorrow night so it was really a surprise when it suddenly came on.


Thanks Kirsten. I have always been a bit of a MacGyver. Fixing and making things so that part was easy. The cold was pretty hard to take since my hands are extremely sensitive. I would collect the frozen ice pucks from the chicken and dog bowls a couple times a day and then I had a metal bucket sitting beside the fireplace and I would put them all in there and as they melted I would take the water back outside. Only the one day when it was -17 it was really hard to make sure they all had water. My son in law borrowed a generator half way through the third day. It was a lot of work. He ran extension cords from the basement through the house and I had to be always switching things around because I couldn't have two many things on one circuit. Also it had a 6 hour gas capacity and I did not want to go out in the middle of the night to fill it so by the morning it was always off. This morning the thermostat read 7 in the dining room but my bedroom was colder. I could see my breath. My SIL told me of a generator that plugs directly into your electrical panel and draws from your main propane tank. It kicks in when the power goes out. It also costs $6000 and I have a feeling my OH will think that it would be over kill. We'll see but I do need a way to have water, that's for sure.


So very, very happy to see you back, Edie!!! Have been worried about you but knew in my heart that you are a survivor. Still so many thousand without power. Hope they have good news soon. :-)


It's good to hear that you all survived this ordeal unscathed, Edie. I've been checking in every day for news of how you were going. Although I knew without power - updating us would not be possible. Not to mention a much lower priority compared to the other really important things you needed to do when you got power back - like getting water.

You certainly are a survivor! If I am ever in a plane crash - I hope it's with you! I think I could cope with some of what you have coped with. I like to camp - as in full-on camping out in the bush. But to do it on my own would have added a whole other layer of pressure. Although I know that's how you prefer it. I'm in awe of your strength, self sufficiency and ingenuity. You're an amazing woman!

And when things are more settled, I think it's time to invest in a generator for the well and a gas camping stove, as your back-up plan for future storms!!!!


Yes, let's hope that for sure Florrie. One day is ok, two is manageable, three is frustrating, four is stretching it, and today when the website showed no power till tomorrow at 10:00 pm that's when hopelessness came over me. Then at noon the lights came on and now hopefully there's nothing more but something to talk about at future Christmases.


Thanks cinderfire. At least long enough for a well needed shower. Had to wait for the water to heat up but heading there soon.


We're all still alive and kicking Ardy and that's what counts :-)))


Now if the power will just stay on.....prayer for this is going on also.


Oh, I'm so glad. I've been concerned for you and your menagerie. How are all of you?


Thanks JM and Ank. It's still on so hopefully it's here to stay.


Great, I hope it will stay. Glad to see you again.


Welcome back !!