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after leaving cemetary, I snapped this looking in as we walked by

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Thank Healer. I'm happy everyone likes the subject... I love this stuff!


Deb, loved your set.
Lots of people are interested in this subject.


thanks madhat, I'm going to give it my best shot! I'll start formulating plans tomorrow with my girlfriend and see where we want to begin!


You go. I'm cheering for you. I hate when these kinds of things happen. This is the kind of stuff that makes legislation required--because common sense doesn't prevail. Don't get discouraged just give them heck.


madhat, it will be dealt with. I'm quite furious about it, and hope to return more of the stones up to the cemetary, somehow!


Orbs. You can see why they dumped all the grave markers. They can just run a lawn mower up and down much easier than going around the markers. Another thing that is just about the economics and not the importance of a thing.


no laurajane, this was a tour, and this one was taken as we left to go to the next landmark I took a photo looking into the cemetary from the sidewalk. I am going on the tour again tomorrow night. it was so amazing!


Just curious...were you in the cemetary at night? Alone?


thank you CM I wasn't sure how these sets would be accepted, but I think it struck up some interest! haha


Cool pic! Thanks deb.