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the SugarBowl Edmonton

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Hi Carole, not much fun is it? My oxygen therapy is supposed to take care of it but sometimes this happens. I only ate half of my meal but maybe it was too much and my stomach pushed on my heart a bit, it has happened a few times when I have been out to lunch, so I am just going to have soup in future. I don't want to take any more medication than I do at present


Hi juneshone! I've had high heart rates, too. My cardiologist rather recently put me on two 25mg METOPROLOL* tablets per day; I take one at 11 AM, one at 11PM or thereabouts (*generic substitute for TOPROL). He said this would keep my heart rate within a normal range. It's working. I take it in two pills rather than one because the 50mg dose made me "woozy." I knew that some day I'd pay for all the smoking I did. Still enjoying life though. Carole


wouldn't need a meter to know what was happening but I had my Oxymeter with me.

bread and butter pudding is food for the gods. Make a mixture of butter, cinnamon and soft brown sugar, butter both sides of about 6 slices of bread with it and cut into squares. Line a dish with bread, then a line of sultanas etc, another line of bread and repeat these things again. Pour over a pint of milk with a beaten egg in, stick it in the oven at medium for about 40 minutes. check to see that it hasn't dried out, the top row will be crispy so it can't be covered.


Whatever Caspian fried chicken is, I'm sure I would like it!! Don't know what butter pudding is either but sounds good too. LOL So what's with the heart rate when you're just sitting?? Do you wear a
meter all the time? I'm glad you were OK after a bit. HUGS!!!!!


could have sworn he was standing next to that tree, his nose must have caught wind of something. We had a nice lunch, I had Caspian fried chicken and chips and Karl had a sirloin steak, then he went out for a smoke so I had bread and butter pudding with ice cream. then I wasn't well, my heart rate went up to 173 so I had to sit still for 20 minutes while Karl chatted witht the receptionist, can't be doing with anybody round me when I am trying to calm down. Then I was OK so we could go home.


A little shopping/browsing and lunch!! Nice pic....still no Noggin!!! Guess he'd be tired out on such a long flight over (I think 10 - 12 hours). Thanks June for the tour of our northern neighbors!! :))))
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