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4 for Snooker. Follow me....

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to Rummel Lake in K. Country Alberta.


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Oh to be young and strong again...need a snowmobine, but then I'd probably get in trouble anyway!

Three trophies in the tournaments, a gold and silver in the Olympics and team was 4th in league play. Not too bad a season.


Beautiful view thanks


Oh my Snooker, that's hot!! Heard that some place in Texas got lots of hail I can see it was not where you live but hope you'll get some rain soon, meantime enjoy the pool! My shoulder is so much better,happy with the results, thank you for asking. How did your tournament go?
Glad you could join, ciao for now.

My pleasure PamCal, hope you can make it to Alberta.
Thank you BooksAndpuzzles and Ank for dropping in, nice to see you.

Another great hike, Maria. Looks like quite a climb and my legs are sore already. :) Hate to tell you this but it has been in the 80's and 90's here and we are even supposed to get 102 this weekend. Needless to say no snow in this area. Could sure use rain though - in a severe drought at present. People are starting to head north and it will soon be peaceful around here again and I will have the pool all to myself most of the time. Can't wait. All is well with us and hope the same for you. How is the shoulder now? Take care, my friend, and thanks for the wonderful hike.


Maria thanks for this beautiful set, I did enjoy it.


Thank you for posting this great photo/ great puzzle! :-)

I haven't been lucky enough to travel to Alberta (yet). Thank you so much for sharing your amazing photos!


Hi Snooker,
This time we hiked on Wednesday because the weatherman predicted cold and snow flurries for Thursday and really glad we did. We drove 35 Km. from Canmore on Spray Lakes road to Rummel Lake trailhead.
Rummel Lake trail is well-defined as elevation is gained consistently and gradually over the one-way 5 KM (3.13 mile) trail. The view is well worth it. Rummel Lake is a very pretty lake named after Baroness Lizzie Rummel. What a fabulous outing!
Have few photos to share.
Trust all is well with you my friend.
Till next week. Take care.