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2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalists – 14

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Highly Commended: “Splits” by Geert Weggen

Founded by Tanzania-based photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam, the aim of the awards is to put a spotlight on wildlife conservation efforts while simultaneously injecting some humor into the world of wildlife photography.


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It was amusing. There was nothing we could do so we all watched and laughed. He did, too, had a great sense of humor!


I love skpy's story. :-)


Haha, I could just picture that as you were describing it, skpy! Thanks for the fun story and smiles!


It makes me think of my sister's husband. He was a land lubber and didn't know how to get out of a boat. He put one foot on the dock and they didn't step right out (must commit! ) So, the pressure of his foot on the dock caused the boat to start drifting out (it was only tied at the bow.) He held out as long as he could and then ended up in the drink!


Yes, they are cute and cunning! You have obviously learned from experience. You're welcome, stunned. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Certainly looks like some of my guys trying to get at the birds suet feeds. My sister and I built a feeding stations to keep the squirrels from eating everything. They are cute and very agile when it comes to stealing food. Thanks for the post.


That's why I'm not gonna try it today, Gayle. But I'm sure glad you think he's cute and stopped to say so!


If you tried this once each day ever since you were a kid, it'd be a cinch for you by now. Sorta as easy as being able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Thanks, Bill, he's cute!


Haha, Josie! :-D


If it were a male squirrel, he would be muttering under his breath 'awww no, me nuts'


You're asking the wrong guy about anything yoga, Andy, but I'm pleased you enjoyed this limber character's photographic debut.


Trying to come up with a clever caption, but I'm actually to much in awe at this cute critter's sense of athleticism and balance. My arthritic joints creak and groan at the mere thought of what it would take to hold this stances. Is there a yoga asana called "Split Squirrel"? Thanks Bill.