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Snowy House for Christmas

72 pieces
285 solves
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Thank you, irmachac2. Thanks for dropping by. Unfortunately, this is NOT my house. (ha) But, I loved posting it at the time I did because it was so festive and the color was so lovely. Good to "see" you. Stop by anytime. :-)


So beautiful !!!


Thank you, sparklightie, for stopping by and thanks for enjoying the puzzle. Sometimes during these hot summer months, I just want to do a Christmas puzzle. (ha) Good to see you.


This was stunnning to solve xxx thx


Good to see you again, Ginger. I know you have had your own problems to deal with but I am very happy you are back. This is NOT my home but it would be nice if it were. (ha) Thank you for enjoying the puzzle, my friend. Hugs!!!


10:38 ♥ Finally finished this welcoming home Donna and wish I could getb inside and visit with you. Hugs ༺♥⚘♥⚘♥༻


Thanks for stopping by and liking my "blue" Christmas house. I hope you and yours are well and I will be seeing you soon on your puzzle site. I am so far behind. :))


Donna, this is a beautiful home, In my favorite blue. Thank you for posting. Haney :-)


So good to see you again on here, Teresa. I know we both are very happy to know that Sharen is well and just having computer problems, not health problems. :) Hugs, my friend.
Thank you, Lavende, for stopping by and commenting on my "blue house." I think it looks very cozy myself. :-)) Hoping you have a wonderful new year ahead also.

I expect they are all ready for Christmas in the blue house. It looks cosy and warm Lovely picture.Thank you for sharing. All the best for the New Year.


Hi Donna! Thank you again for your good wishes and I agree it is a time for "new starts." :-))
About Sharen... now I understand why I have not seen her in a while. It's so good to know she's ok! :-)) Many hugs, dear friend!!


THANK YOU, sue1, for letting me know that Sharen is fine and only having computer problems. I am so happy to learn she is NOT sick. I was getting worried about her and missed her puzzles. I appreciate you replying to me. :)) If you e-mail her, tell her I said hello and miss her puzzles.


I found your inquiry about Sharen/Ruglady/Hatlady and answered it on that same puzzle. She is fine, just computer problems. She's using her phone for email, but it's too small for Jigidi.


Thank you, Teresa, for your sweet comments about my "blue" picture and your wishes for the new year. I thought it was very festive too with the lights on and the garlands everywhere. I also wish you a very blessed and happy NEW YEAR too, my friend. As Robyn said, it is a time for "new starts." :))
Hey, Dottie. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my winter "blue" scene. I'm glad it is your favorite color and that you thought of it as your favorite puzzle too. :)) Have a blessed and happy year ahead, my friend.


What a great picture! Blue is my favorite color so this just has to be my favorite puzzle!! Thanks, Donna! : )


Nice to meet you too dblay! Have a great year ahead won't you. We're already in 2017 down here. A new start once again and we do need that sometimes. :) Robyn


Wonderful house in blue! I love it, Donna! And I also love the garlands of lights and the lights on inside the house! Thank you for this delightful and festive winter scene!
I do hope you are having a very Happy New Year's Eve, my sweet friend and I wish you and your family a very Blessed and Healthy New Year 2017!! The BEST to you today and always!! Lots of hugs!!! :-))


Thank you glorya for stopping by and checking out my "post." I'm glad you liked it and I wish you a beautiful and peaceful day. Nice to meet you.
Thank you, yonx, for dropping in and liking my "blue" picture. Thank you for your comment and it is nice to meet you too. Have a wonderful day.


Beautiful all in blue, and with the bright warmth coming from the windows. Thanks dblay. :) Robyn

I like this blue picture for one thing it is my color, and all the lights make this a real calm and peaceful place, Thank you.


Hey thanks, Carpenter1, just as long as it is HAPPY. :)) Thanks for dropping by.

I'm dreaming of a Blue Christmas