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Flowers from a well-loved Toy

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How lovely, another star on the board, thank you whatnauts, glad you enjoyed the reminder :~)


Spirograph gave me hours and hours of fun, much like Jigidi. Thanks for the reminder :)


LOL - Kathy - I've saved some toys for if/when I get grandchildren, but none of mine are even slightly interested, they are far too busy enjoying life and having fun. I seem to have sparked a renewed interest in Spirograph - I wonder if they will pay me for the advertising!!! Not that I introduced its name myself!!


I too had a Spirograph and enjoyed it. Thanks for the jog in memory Mandy. It seems like our son had one too, or maybe I am just confusing the memories LOL I saved a bunch of his toys, he is now 30. No grandchildren yet, but hopefully in the near future the stork will whisper a little secret in my ear LOL Anyway, one day, I will drag out the toys and perhaps come across the one I think he had. Or better yet, I too might just have to get a new one.

Mandy, did you make the ones above with a computer program?


I just found a ton of the original Spirographs on ebay. I may just need to buy one! Thanks again, Monza


Its so nice to here from you debip71, and I'm delighted I jogged some happy memories for you :~)


Love, love, loved spirograph. I knew right away. I recently saw a new version but I can't remember where. Thanks for the memories!


Kirsten, I expect it's where my love of kaleidos came from too - its lovely knowing that other people share those happy memories :~)

PJ - you missed out in your childhood!!! I'm please you now understand the puzzle.


I googled Spirograph - so now I have an idea of what a wonderful toy this must have been. Now I understand the puzzle better too, it's marvelous!.


I LOVED spirograph! I think it must have heralded my love of kaleidos. If only I had realised. I could have been making them way earlier! Thanks for the lovely puzzle, and nice memories, Mandy. :)))


sringrose and Pat, I'm pleased to hear I was in good company - glad you enjoyed the memory. Oh, Pat only by 1 second :~(


I had one, too, and I loved using it--thanks for a fun reminder! 2:51 :-(

I loved my Spirograph as a kid too. Thanks for sharing this puzzle and many fond memories. :)


Toys are wonderful! ;-)


Wendy, thank you - I'm finding new toys too!!!


Oh, Mandy! This puzzle is flat out WONDERFUL!


Rebecca - well done - you clearly remember the toy - I used to spend hours creating pictures with it.

Nana and PJ thank you for visiting!! The toy is/was called Spirograph


Great Mandy - enjoyable mixture of fun and elegance. I've treid to figure out what kind of toy this could be.... Do you have a solution?


That's pretty, monza! Which toy was it? Thanks for a great puzzle!


I remember Spirograph! I made stationary with it. :)