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my mimi eyes

30 pieces
170 solves
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Thank you, Vera, for sharing this photo of your very beautiful daughter!


hanne, my dear , our childrens is all our life, i have and boy! -and they are our joy, our lives are the reason that makes sense ... through them become, in a way, immortal.kisses , draga mea .
thank you , jan, all childrens is gorgeous , but our look most beautiful, in our eyes, ha?kisses , my dear.
mimi, my mimi , is a beautiful child , like every child in the world , and , yes, i m very proud of her. kisses , my friend.


Your Mimi has gorgeous eyes! She is a beautiful girl and I know you are very proud of her. Thanks for sharing this great picture!


What a beauty Mimi is! I bet she is beautiful inside, too! Hugs Vera!


Beautiful eyes indeed!! Aren't we lucky with our daughters, Vera? Hugs!!