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Buzzing Around

64 pieces
183 solves
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Big smile! Thank you very much, Grace. I happen to think this one is exceptionally cool too. :-)


This is stunningly creative! and it was a fun and challenging puzzle. Thanks Wendy :)


Mandy, I saw everything that you saw too, but in the end, it came down to a butterfly or a bee that would work best in the title. I would have used the word "bee" but I know how most people feel about bees so I refrained. LOL

PJ, I'm so glad you liked it. :-)

Mr. Bugosi, yes. :-)

Oh, Kathy, you hit on something that I hadn't thought of...and you're so right- a toy in a clear ball!


Yes definitely an alien bee but such a friendly little chap and soooo adorable!!!! Would make a delightful mobile for a baby's room or a toy for a child in a clear ball with moving parts LOL


Yes, an "exotic bee gyroscope"!....Hee-Hee.......


Extraordinary and beautiful design Wendy. This is great.


Wow, Wendy, the possibilities here are endless, its wonderfully complex yet full of simplicity!!! I see spinning tops and egg timers, the butterfly but also an exotic bee and the "frame" surrounding it reminds me of a gyroscope!!! Happy days!!! Thanks.


I thought the same thing, Katie! It really does look like an alien butterfly but since Pat has the franchise on them, I figured I'd just call it what I did. LOL


Looks like a beautiful and friendly alien butterfly! Great puzzles today Wendy!