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Monday Afternoon 1

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323 solves
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We're not expecting any snow for at least the next few days, Gail. Stay warm and safe! :-)


I see Ardy's helping hands. Very nice image. I like the embossed look, Barb. Plenty of snow here and the schools are closed.


Glad you enjoyed this, Ardy, and I like your impression of helping hands.
Won $10 today, not bad. Don't like the sounds of your weather forecast. Sounds messy especially if you were to lose power. Keeping fingers crossed it's not as bad as predicted. Good idea to stock up on necessities. Hope you have a nice evening too. :-)


I get the impression of helping hands reaching across borders here. A fun puzzle. Thanks, Barb. Was it a profitable bingo day? Snow in our forecast beginning as rain tomorrow night and turning into the heavy, wet stuff that brings down power lines. 4-6 inches in our area with about a foot to the west. I do hope "they" are wrong. Just in case I'll go stock up on cat food tomorrow. Have a good evening and I'll see you in the morning.


Thanks, Catherine. I'm looking forward to your next puzzles. :-)


Beautiful designs and colours Barb... thanks.