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January 2011 in our village for Ank and Denise

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Village name Dlouha Louka, I want to show,that there's sometimes a lot of snow and a nice winter


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Thank you Denise, my dogs love the snow. I'm glad you like the place where I live, only in the spring and summer I will not have as much time to the puzzle, but I'll have to do in the garden.
Maybe at night I do puzzle :-)))


Thank you so much Ank, very kind of you :-))


Thank you Angel, we were looking for a house for a long time, that was not far from the city, so there was a pretty landscape and few people. We live here 9 years, we have fields and woods behind the garden. Not far from us is a pond (the one in the photo), in the whole village lives of 70 people. We love it here, nature and peace and dogs are also satisfied, I am glad, you like it.:-))


Funny I was only asking about snow the other day. Well it looks beautiful and even Laura and Anja are enjoying it. Thanks Jana . I love where you live:-)


Wow Jana, vypadá to jako pohádka.
Wow Jana, this seems like a fairy tale.

That is beautiful, Jana. So peaceful looking. That must be Laura leading Aja down to the lake. What were they looking at? Thank you for showing us where you live. You are so lucky to have open space around your homes.