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Woodpeckers Love This Tree

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:) I always hear them and cant seem to capture them with the camera. They left plenty of evidence


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Thanks everyone for the great comments and the info. :)


nice set today Cel!


Great post and great lesson thank U all :)))


Interesting picture and information from nigeline. Love learning and seeing new things on Jigidi. Thanks for the post, Celeste.


I like this pic too. Thanks Celeste.


I like this picture; nature seen from another point of view!
Don't be too sorry for the tree! Woodpeckers and other birds mostly make holes in sick or dead wood (much easier!). If they do make a hole in living wood, then not such a series, but only one! Woodpeckers only use a nest-hole once! Mrs Woodpecker wants Mr Woodpecker to surprise her with a lovely new hole every year, preferable some distance from the old one. But the old house mostly gets taken the next year by other birds or animals. (Hope you doen't mind this 'schoolish' information).


Great shot, thanks.


Laughs - Tex.. this is a tree in my neighbors yard.. its about 40 feet from the back of my house I got a great view from the window in my computer room ... I just get the debris from it..

Thanks Chookies & Tex :)


Wow, maybe I don't want them as badly as I thought! Thanks, Cel, too bad about your tree.


By the looks of that, they certainly can make a mess of a tree, thanks Celeste:)