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Four Squares

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195 solves
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Mandy, yes, I think this is the first "four squares" of mine that reminded me of stained glass. I think the reason is because of the very little squares on the corners of the 'boxes.' I tried to have the sun shine in, but Jigidi has no windows. LOL

Ardy, I already miss Pat! She had no right to take a vacation. LOL
And don't worry about your time. Just enjoy puzzling! It's only some of us that enjoy (or enjoyed in my case) the competitive part of solving puzzles.

mariasha, you are confusing me. What was what? ;-)

Thank you, whatnauts. :-)



Tricky puzzle...looked somewhat simple, but it wasn't. What was it? Fun...thanks Wendy.


Nice puzzle, Wendy. Really slow time. I kept dozing off. After lunch I went out and walked for almost 1/2 hour. Got to get these pounds disappearing again. But now I'm sleepy. If I nap in the afternoon I wake up with a headache so I try really hard to stay awake. Thanks for this. With Pat away I'm through my bookmarked ones early.


These are lovely in their simplicity, Wendy, and they remind me of stained glass windows for houses - any of these patterns would glow beautifully with the sun streaming through!!! Thanks


I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Barb! These don't do so well for some reason but I enjoy making them and I think they make for great puzzles. :-)


What a great puzzle, Wendy ..... my time is a bit slow but I really had fun putting the pieces together! :-)