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More Cowries.

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The two on the left are Tiger Cowries found in the Pacific ocean. Top right is a moderately rare sized Deer Cowrie measuring 6.5 inches long. The one below it could be a Carnelian Cowrie from the Indian ocean and south east Asia, however I am not certain, the ID card has vanished!!


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Yes it could Heidi, I find it too confusing!!


That could also be a Leviathan, instead of a Carnelian Cowrie.


Thanks nicco.


More beautiful shells - love them, thanks for taking the time to post them all.


And the Pacific is nowhere near Cyprus or the Tigris River...makes perfect sense! LOL


Quite simple really gem................Latin name is Cypraea Tigris.....................coated with Leopard like spots!!!! Does that help?! Heh heh heh.


But why are they called "tiger" instead of "leopard"?


I find it so hard to know which is which Heidi, know what you mean, thanks.

Hi Hanne, thanks.

Glad you think so PK, thanks.

Thanks gnt.


very good pic


Absolutely gorgeous.... thanks Robbie


They ARE very charming!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


It looks like a Carnelian to me, too, Robbie. These are all common Cowries with a fairly large variation in coloration and markings. The Tiger Cowrie, in particular, has a huge amount of variation. Some people just collect Tiger Cowries and have no two alike.


Thanks fileusa, he had lots of fun doing it.

The tigers are quite common Shirley but a delight to look at, thanks.

Hi bloorox, thanks.

They are Celeste, thanks.

You're welcome and thank you chickie.

You're welcome yellow, hope you stay warm! Thanks.

Well it is like this mate...........Maybe you better keep my half!!! But thanks for the thought!


At long last I have the one in the upper left hand corner of the display. Tell me it is worth Millions Mate and we split the money.

I've seen sketches of the tiger cowries from time to time, mostly on items like beach towels, but never knew the proper name for them. Thanks so much for the info, Robbie!


Thanks for sharing Robbie.


Really Cool!!


So beautiful, Robbie!


I'm really enjoying your dad's collection Robbie, the two tiger cowries are the only shells I can remember having at home as a child, probably picked up at a beach somewhere.


What a great collection your father has collected through the years.


Hi bomber, yes my dad designed them in his house specifically for the shell collection. Most are in a museum now. I really enjoyed reading about Young Park, what a remarkable man he was, thanks.