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You know that I will get that biscuit any minute

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Yes it had been better to post this one first.


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OK see you, I will make some apple pie.


Hi Ank. Yes, cream and sugar. Thank you. I'm on my way!


And you did. Nice avatar friend.


Hello there Ank, just wanted to say that I love your new avatar! Thank you, I guess that means that I'm going to have to find a pic of myself too and keep my end of the bargain! L.O.L.


Hi Adrie Jan Suzy Morris Shirley Monica and Cathy. Thanks for your funny, lovely and sweet comments. Yes she is spoiled but also very obedient. Just sweet. Sorry Suzy we don't have them with cream in. But if you want them I will buy them. lol. Monica I did look for a photo, but sorry a don't have one. I will make it someday. For the moment I changed my avatar, I hope you do like it. Cathy I love the idea, how do you drink your coffee, sugar and cream?


Wonderful picture! Thank you Ank. I feel like I'm right there having coffee with you and Henk ... and Micky!!


Hello there Micky! Hope your feeling fine today! Ank I agree with everyone else! We would all like to see photos of you with your precious Micky! We see your avatar every day but it's the same expression! We want to see different positions and smiles and waves to the camera! Maybe a pic of you holding Micky! That would be very nice! Tell you what, if you send us a pic and I mean a whole pic of you and Micky, I'll send you a recent pic of me! How does that sound?...Your pal, Monica


Such a obedient little dog is Micky, waiting her turn, she's a good girl.


She gets whichever one she wants, pumpkin!


Does Micky get the one with the creamin it?


Micky, you reminded me what I want for lunch, hot dog!


Als die niet verwent is dan weet ik het niet meer ?? haha


Hi girls, I'm glad you like Micky, as I wrote this was ment as a photo of Micky, I'm there by accident. If you want to see my face, this avatar photo is a few months old, so it's me, the way I am now. Thanks Patti Jan and Mimi.


Ank I have to agree that we should see your face too. Micky is beautiful, wonderful and comical, BUT SO ARE YOU!!!


Love the Micky photos, Ank. We should have more of your pretty face with hers! :)


Micky is definitely loved!!!!!!


Thanks girls, she is.


Micky is very patient.


Just waiting for "the tree to be lit"!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Thanks Ardy and Jana.
Ardy, Elly is doing her best to find her rhythm again. That;s not easy. She herself is not very healthy. In the recent months, she has been plundering her body and mind. Thus she now suffered from its various diseases. But she is strong and she will find her way again. Feb.16 I will take her to my place for about 4 days. I will try to make as much fun as possible with her.
Jana , one moment we have sun, the other moment hail / snow and rain and the next moment the sun is there again. And a lot of wind. Even in the moments with sun it is not lovely. I'm sorry to hear about your back, but indeed Micky is without pain now. So you took it. lol. I think it's normal too with such small animals, when they are at the ground they can't see a thing. Her normal place in house is on the back of the sofa. And sorry Jana but this photos are without me. But look at my avatar and you see me. Hugs


I am very happy that Micky was proficient athlete, I would also like you saw with Micky, not just a part of the body or hands.
For us today, the sun is shining and it is beautiful, I do not know how long and when the snow will fall again. It's a madhouse :-)))
I'm glad to see Micky on the table. My Laura also sits on the table, everyone told me it is too much, you're crazy. Last year, a new neighbor moved in next door - a psychiatrist, he told me it is normal, is small, has to climb up to see into the distance and felt bigger. I am also glad that Micky without pain, maybe works telepathy or something, since yesterday my back hurts instead Micky, I can hold it in its place :-))))) I love Micky, kiss and big hug.


Of course, Micky, you want to be on eye level with your humans. Cute picture. Thanks, Ank.

I was wondering how Elly is doing? I'm sure you've been in touch with her.


They really have their preferences and then they are so happy when they see you. Give your cutie a hug.


Micky is so cute... Got too see my little one Sunday.. When I'm around she expects all my attention..


Hi, I think George is a little to big for the table, it will be a chaos indeed. But a nice funny idea.


Good morning Ank and Micky. I hope Micky is feeling better today. I have to smile when I see Micky up on the table, because I can imagine the chaos if that were George!! Micky is such a good girl, and George.......


Good morning Jana and Sissel, I wish you both a beautiful day.
Sissel did you sleep well or were you too tired? No, no coffee for Micky, she drinks in the morning a little milk and after just water. The white coffee is Henk's and the black mine.
Jana Jana, it's a photo of Micky, not of me. And that part of me is just a bonus. :-))))) You are wrong, Micky was not tired at all. Just well trained!!!
For both of you, big hugs.


Godmorning Ank - Do Micky drink black or white coffee? :-)


Now you can see how to make a great photo. It's got a big mistake, you should be also with the head. Thank you very much and I wish you all at home a wonderful day, Big hug for Micky, certainly, is she after the pig races a little tired :-)))))))