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A little bit of this and a little bit of that :)) I

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As I told Ardy all these images are either old ones that I already posted or all the hundreds of left-overs when I was creating puzzles and that are not fit for a single puzzle in the four sizes, but do quite nicely on one of these potpouries.
Thanks for dropping by and your always lovely comments. :))


Ohhhh, I don't usually pick out favorites in mosaics like this but I LOVE the top middle one and the one directly below it. This is a wonderful mix of image creations. :-)


Great that you had fun with some old friends, Mandy. Thanks for dropping by and I suppose the bright colours of bottom right are just what you like. We both are in the team of the brighter the better LOL.


Hi Ardy, I'm happy that you liked the black, most people don't like the absence of colour, but black and white through all shades of grey can make wonderful pictures and pattern and I love your interpretation of a rainy night. :))
I have done more of these mixes of old and new images. When I make an image I usually try out many things and finally I end up with ten different but also similar images and usually only one is fit to be posted in the big size, meaning it can be solved from 48 to the three hundered and something pieces. Many others would be too difficult or too boring, but they are perfect for one of the mixes. :)) So you will see more of them.
Thanks for your visit, I'm sorry my answer comes so late but it's half past eleven and this is the first time that I manage to get here since this morning. :))


Great fun Dagmar, I remember so many of these, so it's lovely to see them again in minature form!! Love the bottom right corner best... thanks :~)


This was fun, Dagmar. The one that I keep looking back at is the middle left. It's a rainy night. Some cars have driven up to a closed gate and their lights are making the gate reflect on the wet pavement. The big splotches of light in the upper left part of that section are street lights Really like this one. Do some more, please. Thanks.


Hi Kirsten, I'm happy you liked this mix, it isn't very colourful but I liked flowing patterns. I have got hundreds of this kind of image, that on their own are not a good puzzle, especially for the four sizes I usually post, but when put into a grid they do quite nicely. :))
I hope you'll survive the night and that tomorrow will not be too bad. :))
Thanks for dropping by. :))


Wow!!! Love those rippled ones, Dagmar!! But the bottom middle stole my heart. Those sweet colours, and that gleam! Divine!! Thanks so much. :)))

And I hope you're not facing too busy a day today, and can squeeze in a liitle play. :)))