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My Old Pal Grumpy Raiding the Birdfeeder....again

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Alliebono, they are more afraid of you than you are afraid of them. However, if it is a female with cubs you should avoid them. They usually only come close to the house so they can raid the birdfeeders. I would not leave a child outside alone unless you can see him/her at all times. There are 4 black bears here that visit us every year. I talk to them through a window and they are calm. If you clap your hands or make a sharp sound like, "Git!!", they'll run away. All in all, even though they are calm and non-aggressive, caution is always advised. Hope this helps.


I'm fascinated by this!!! Never lived in a country with bears... are they very wild - would they attack you if you were out gardening??!! What about kids? Can u leave them outside to play? I'd be terrified!!!