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Let the Spinning Wheels Turn! (BOARDS)

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85 solves
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PJ - Thank you so much! I think the computer worked harder on the textures than I did this time!

Gail - This puzzle DOES look like crochet work to me, too. Thank you so very much!!


Jan, Hanne read my mind. But it was you who did all that beautiful crochet work, not me. They are really gorgeous. I don't have that song going through my mind because they look like wonderful crocheted doilies to me.


Oh, Jan. Wonderful. I love it, had to stop several times during solving and admire the textures.


Thank you so very much, Hanne......they do look woven, don't they. Gail is very talented!

Pat - I am so glad you liked them!

Hester - They were great fun to make and enhance. Thank you!!

Katie - they are softer than the 3X3 for sure. Thank you!


These have such soft beauty to them! Thanks Jan!


Wowser! these are very special Jan! Love 'em!


Beautiful love the spinning wheels... Thanks Jan


Looks as if they are woven or handmade in some very beautiful way!! They are gorgeous simply!! Wonderful to look at!! Gaillou might have crotched them!! She is SO clever at that!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Ardy - that is the highest compliment anyone can say about a puzzle. Thank you so very much! :))


So, so beautiful, Jan. I don't know what else to say. It's one of those things of beauty that you want to look and look at and absorb. Thank you.


Yeah, I already mentioned the group on your kaleido one--thanks so much for bringing it up again! Nothing like a little more positive (?!) reinforcement! :-))))


Thanks so much, Pat! My new sharpening program took away a bit of the sheen, but really enhanced the details. I'm glad you liked this! (in spite of singing that song for the rest of the day! :D)


Wow, wow, and wow again!!! Amazingly delicate details, and fabulous colors--love them! :-)))