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If blue is your favourite colour ...

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Well, if blue wasn't my favorite color before, it would be after this presentation! Gorgeous, Barb!


Thanks, Jan, Mazda and VermontMeow! :-)


Great fun puzzle. Thanks a lot!

Beautiful puzzle! I like the one in the lower right. Blue is my favorite color.


Great fun, Barb! I, too, like the top left, but also the middle right. The whole puzzle is lovely!


Gail, I do some sort of image with my own computer program then I go to Lunapic to fancy it up. :-)
Top left is my favourite too, Kirsten. :-))
Thanks Gaillou, so glad you liked it.


I love blue and this is gorgeous! Thank you for your efforts:)


That was really lovely, Barb! I specailly like the top left corner. Thanks!! :)))


These were all done with Lunapic? I would never have guessed that, especially with regard to the bottom right kaleido. I use Lunapic all the time, in addition to a couple of other kaleidoscope makers. Thanks, Barb.


Hi Gail, Pat D pointed me in the direction of a web site called Lunapic ..... and that's where I go to make my kaleidos. :-)


Divine doesn't even cut it, but it's as close as one can come to describe this puzzle. Good job! Can I ask what program you're using for these kaleidos? So I see Kirsten is holding your puzzle hostage to her bookmarks. Don't let her fool you - she'll be first once she does it. We both love these kinds of puzzles.


Thanks so much, Kirsten. It's so lovely to have the encouragement from you and others. I'm really enjoying making these puzzles up. :-)
Looking forward to seeing your next set which are always a delight!


Oh my, Barb!! This looks divine! It's bookmarked for now (as I'm at work), but I can't wait to free it! :)))