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P----d Off Owl at small shop bldg

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The owl did not like being awakened in broad daylight! He refused to leave the damaged building!


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Amen, on the gone nuts. ;)


Carol, I'm running slow and just got around to reading about your posting to Facebook (about your fictional bumper sticker). Loved it! It doesn't surprise me that you got some crazy responses! The world seems to have gone nuts!!! Carole ;)))


Carole Lombard.......that was when we knew all the BIG stars by name.......lately, I have no clue who most of the stars are. Must share this with you have probably noticed the Caucasus (?) have been going on. So, I thinking I have a sense of humor, I posted (on Facebook) a bumper sticker I want to put on my car, "I'M VOTING FOR THE CRAZY ONE!" I found it funny as I think they are all fairly crazy.........I had to delete a few responses.......everyone "assumed" I must be speaking of their candidate. Sigh. lol


I was born on January 21st; but, I was due to be born on Christmas Eve. That was the first reason for the name Carol. When I ended up born in January, the "e" was added. Carole Lombard, wife of Clark Gable was popular in, Mom decided she'd name me after her!

Carol/Carole!!! ;))))


Too funny. Guess it is a "generation" name? My Mother said she named me Carol as I was born close to Christmas. Met a gal, while we waited, at a car repair shop.......yup, her name is Carol. By shear accident she turned out to be a neighbor when I bought this house 2 years ago......:))))))
Carol/Carole's rule!


Years ago I lived in an apartment in San Francisco on Nob Hill. My roommate was also named Carole. The two girls in the unit across the hall were both named Carol. I still remember one day our there was a knock on our door and a young man asked me if Carol was home! Imagine his confusion when I replied, "Which one?" You always make me think of that!

Carole ;))


Carole, I am getting "older" and am easily amused! Anyone who doesn't like my "creations" doesn't have to look at them! lol


Carol, did go to your page and found the yellow door! SUNNY!!! Love it! It's hard to get depressed when you have some cheerful colors around you. Keep it up. I've been following some of your other painting projects. You start with the garage sale stuff and if it doesn't look right you can repaint or sell! Above all, ENJOY!!!

Carole :)))


YES, on the door.........go to my page, I posted a puzzle of it. I LOVE it! ;)


This guy definitely didn't like having his new home invaded! The thing that gets me about owls is their enormous eyes. Over the years here, I've been face-to-face (well, within about 6' away) from a Barred Owl (no visible ear tufts, like this little bird; BUT, with a wing span of about 48") and about 10 yards away from a Great Horned Owl, also a pretty big bird. I haven't found this bird in my bird books yet; but, I'm guessing he's a barn owl species. Rodney got some good shots with his phone. Thanks for the comment, Carol. Have you painted your front door yellow? I almost forgot to ask!!!



If looks could kill! :)