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Not tonight dear, I really have a headache!

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35 solves
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With apologies to Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbs.


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Oh my!! They are multiplying rather rapidly!!! Maybe you should make snowbunnies next time!


She probably should have used the line about the headache about 6 or 7 kids ago! This is funny! We got enough snow last year for me to build a "patio" snowperson, about this size! Thanks for the fun, JC.


Thanks, Pat, you are the first person to mention that! What good eyes you have! LOL!


You've certainly got the right attitude. When it snows in May, have fun with it! Happy Birthday, Jim. Thanks for all the smiles you bring to Jigidi.


Happy Birthday, Jim--and I love this little (?!) family--especially the anatomically correct mama! LOL!


Thanks, Rosie! Yes, the snow is all gone now. It's funny, though. I REALLY enjoyed the last two days of winter! The first 6 months weren't that much fun! LOL!


What prolific neighbors you have JC. I hope they join in on your wild birthday celebration today and you all have fun. Have you run out of snow yet?


Jim all you have to do is highlight ... right click with the mouse and hit copy. then I always use another page make sure it is blank and right click and Paste. Try it ... It's easy..


Thanks, lelabugosi. And I agree that Jigidi is great place for unlearning and having way too much fun!
Thanks again, chickie!
And Pat, I will have Susan type in all those letters and numbers a bit later. I know I will enjoy it! Thanks!


Here is your e-card Happy Birthday


Too funny jcarroll. I think you have entirely too much time on your hands. LOL Happy Birthday again!!!


Yes, Jigidi is a great place for unlearning........HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr.Christmas-Carroll!..........


Thanks, roadworn!

And Pat, Susan said I needed a hobby about a year ago, so I started taking photos and joined Jigidi. Who knew it would degrade so fast! LOL!

And thanks, talia! I am having a nice day so far!


Happy Birthday, Jcarroll. Have a nice day.


I think Susan needs to find something for you to do... I didn' know it was you BD until this morning so I did delete a puzzle and make you a card..


Too funny! : ))))


Thanks, Toto! The temperature was 42F and I didn't have to slog through all that snow to play. I am going to request milder temps next time it snows. It's so much more fun when it's warmer!


Alright, that's it, no more snow in May for JC. Happy B-day!


Thanks, aggie! And Yes I have been mowing for a month now. I'll say it again, "Gotta love the midwest!"


Happy birthday, jcarroll!


Can't believe this much snow in May. What a fun family you created from it. Thanks for sharing it with Jan. I agree. You should post it.


Hilarious! Oh, JC - this is TOO funny. You should post this one!!!!!!! LOVE it!