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Bold Ovals (Smaller)

48 pieces
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This is NOT a mailbox for pancakes--or anything else, for that matter! :-)))


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Um........drainage, in case someone leaves the puzzle out in the rain?


I love, love those plates and they do work well for waffles. And, you are right, you do use a lot less syrup. We also use them for nachos for the sour cream and extra salsa. What I want to know is---what is that slot in the center for then?


No, they have to be routed through the general mills......


Can we not even post omelettes?..........


They really do work well, and would certainly be great for waffles, too. I suppose it's a little ridiculous to think of having special plates for just one dish, but they are perfect for it. And, of course, there's no reason we couldn't use them for anything with a sauce or gravy! Thanks, Ardy!


Lovely ovals. I hope your warning works. It would be a shame to mess up this lovely puzzle Thanks, Pat. What a creative idea for pancake eating. It would work for waffles too.. Nice to know such things exist.


LOL! I love pancakes--Bob makes great ones--and I wouldn't want to waste them either! And I wouldn't want a certain someone to gum up my puzzle by attempting to post anything here, and the slot looks tailor-(chef?!) made for pancakes, so......... :-))) In fact, I bought Bob pancake plates for Christmas. They're really heavy ceramic, to hold the heat, and they're shaped with a sloping well at one end, sort of like a swimming pool that suddenly ends in a diving area. You put the syrup in the well, and the pancakes on the rest of the plate. Then you can dunk each piece as you want. It really works well--we use a lot less syrup, and we don't have pieces of pancake that are soaked, and other pieces that are dry, the way that often happens when you pour the syrup directly on them.


Great bold colors Pat - thanks! So glad you told us NOT to put pancakes in here; I wouldn't have wanted to waste them - more to eat!


Thanks, roseheather! :-)))


A very attractive design, and great color. ; )