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Salmon Teriyaki

36 pieces
89 solves
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It is all calorie free too!


I feel like I can just dine here instead of going out, lol!!!

Glad you are enjoying the puzzles Veruka.

veruka many meals to choose from. thanks Yarnover. I will now have those donuts for dessert!

Yum. Great idea. We have a recycling program and anything that touches food including packaging and food goes in the green can to be recycled or turned into mulch and re-used.


On the grill or in the smoker they are always great. I do them on the grill when I am in a rush. Rub some brown sugar, garlic and Teriyaki sauce on them place them skin down on aluminum foil and let them cook for 20 minutes. You can get the fish off the foil and the skin stays on the foil and you roll up the foil and pitch it in the trash. Clean-up is very hard.