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Road trip - day 5 - Cog railroad

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This is the one we will ride in for the three mile climb up the mountain.

There are three ways to go up - an auto road, by foot (you better be in really good shape) and by the cog railroad.


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Aha!!! I found them! :) They are all on 233 & 235 now. I guess the page number changes as you add new puzzles daily. They are all great pics and you have a lot more to show than I do. Thanks for sharing, Ardy! ❦


You enter from the far end. There is a step up to the outside platform and then another step of two into the car. There was also a very nice young brakeman named Darryl who took our tickets and helped us in. He also gave us lots of information on the way up. I wish now that I had taken notes. Enjoy, Mandy. Here we go.


That's quite a climb into the carriage - unless they moved the train next to a platform for everyone to board! It looks like a fun way to travel.. I await the downside with anticipation, thanks Ardy :~)


There will be views from the top, maybe not tomorrow but soon. Thanks, Dagmar.


I would have love to be on this ride with you. The scenery must be very beautiful, I love lush green meadows and forests and I suppose that the view from the top is something very worthwhile.


It was and is a wonderful little train. I am really glad to have finally had the opportunity to to do this. Thanks, Jan. Good to see you.


You are welcome, Liane. Glad you enjoyed the trip.


Yes, you picked the most unusual and fun choice. It is a wonderful little train! Thanks!


Definitely pick the train . Thanks Ardy .I've enjoyed the trip . smile .. lol


Ank, I'll mention the reason on some later pictures. It is fun and you learn lots about the train and all. Thanks for coming by.


This looks like fun and I also would choose for the train. But I'm curious, why you don't do it again.


This is something I've wanted to do since I was a child. Lots of people would talk about riding the cog railroad. I had seen it before and wanted to do it. Also I wasn't sure my little Prius would make the climb. There is a horse and carriage ride available on the auto road I noticed in their brochure. The train is not something I would do again. I'll explain later. And on the train there is a person who is telling you about some of the things you are seeing and about the train itself. Thanks, Hanne. I appreciate your questions.


Why did you prefer to go by train instead of driving up yourselves? Are the views better from the train? Thanks so very much Ardy!!


I went up the road as a child and now the train but never would I attempt the hike. Bravo for you. Did you have your picture taken by the summit sign? Thanks for sharing your memories, PurlingPony.


I've been up Mt W. all 3 ways - took me days to recover from that hike! Such a beautiful area, thanks for sharing your photos, brings back memories!!


If I were there again, I'd choose the auto road. Explanation later. Thanks Barb, and Pat.


I can't think of anything more fun than to ride this up the mountain...


I think you chose the best way, Ardy. Maybe when I was a teenager and into sports I could have done it on foot but that was a lifetime ago. :-)))