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Hi, Mimi. Thank you for your kind message. Your messages are short and with warm heart in them. Very happy this one brought cheer to you. It is now 1:02 am. I will go to bed too and sleep feeling your warmness. Thank you, Mimi, again.


Hi, Jo. Thank you for the long message. I opened this puzzle again and tracked back as you led me. I love the one, too, about which you said as a cityscape at dusk. I like the piece very much and for me it is the soaring spires of the churches in the city of Middle Age. Cucumber??? I forgot! Wonder what it is.... Thank you for your great imagination. Great joy to read them. I will send this message on email. I am afraid you will notice this message.


I'm going to get ready for bed now, and I go feeling very cheery over your great puzzles. Thanks!


I love these!! The colors are fantastic together!! Bright and bold!! The "pop-up" squares are fun!! The textures, smooth, rough, make nice contrasts! But the designs are a real treat!! All soo pretty, but, the best are the ones I see images in ..... ( I should write them down, I have to go back and forth to the picture to refresh my memory, lol),
Left side, (3rd from bottom), a cityscape at dusk, 4th top, 3 down, a beautiful purple mt. range with storm clouds hovering nearby, 5th top, "red sky at night", (sailors delight), sunset, 8th across, 6th down, a cucumber??? LOL!! And all the lovely swirls!!! 2:27 Thankyou Sachi for the visions of beauty! Your friend Jo :)


Hi, Libbly, Sue and Jill. Very glad you enjoyed this one of my favorites. Have a nice jigi time.


So much fun, Sachi! It was fun to solve also. Thank you!


LOOK LOOK - Swirls and turquoise. LOL Thanks Sachi 1:36


Looks like lots of work goes into these...thank you! ;-)